Holiday Photo Contest Finalists!!

Thank you all for the great Submissions from My Holiday Gift Photo Contest!

Alright Rock Heads! Now its up to you! Vote on your favorite one by clicking on the photo and either commenting or giving them the thumbs up on Facebook! Or you can also vote using the poll in this blog! Rock Head whose picture scores the most votes by Monday, January 10th will win a $25 Gift Certificate to Rock Bottom Golf!

Check out the 4 Finalists!

“The best player of my Family” ~ Curro Cordoba

“Now picture the ball is Tarzan stealin’ your bananas…” ~ Steven Taylor
“Looking for the best deals in golf? At, it’s IN THE BAG! [To Daddy from his favorite caddy, the Bag Boy T700 rolling travel bag — from Rock Bottom at a great price, even better with a Rock Head coupon and super fast free shipping!]” ~ Holly Wilson Basteyns

“One of the best of the year is always a box from You know you have a quality gift and the givers did not pay too much, so you cannot wait to open or say thanks.” ~ Martin Rayner

Vote For the Holdiday Photo Finalists
Which Rock Head Holiday Photo Is Your Favorite?
Curro Cordoba
Steven Taylor
Holly Wilson Basteyns
Martin Rayner

I also want to take this moment to thank everyone for a great 2010! Hope you all had a great New and safe New Years! Lets make 2011 Rock even harder!!


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