Giving The Perfect Golf Gift

The holiday season is here! And while I’m glad to offer hundreds of great golfin’ gifts at The Rock, I know that sometimes searching for that one perfect gift to give a golfer (or yourself!) can be pretty exhausting. So keep reading for a few of my favorite tips to help get the ball rolling….

Training Aids – While it’s true that every golfer wants to get better and golf training aids can usually be found for just about any budget, big or small, you’ll probably want to take extra steps to ensure the golfer doesn’t think you’re saying, “Your game stinks!” with your gift. Hopefully you know the person well enough to know if they are particularly sensitive or will gladly welcome the gift. You can score extra points by gearing your gift towards their individual weaknesses: golf swing aids like the Swing Detective to help that snap-hook, or a weighted driver if they could use a little more distance.

Course Accessories – Golf can be an expensive hobby, especially when you’re still losing a golf ball every other hole or tearing through golf gloves at the range. So every golfer will appreciate someone else chipping in for the gear they need like golf balls and tees. Plus you can score extra brownie points by getting their favorite brand ball or their preferred length of tee. Even practical on-course tools like divot tools, golf towels or the like are always welcomed by just about any golfer.

Gift Certificates – The biggest problem with buying big-ticket items like clubs for a golfer is that it can be such a personal thing, especially drivers and putters. Best stick to getting a gift card that allows the golfer to pick out exactly what they like and need. Don’t forget that picking up a round or two at a local golf course or springing for a day at an exclusive “destination” course is sure to be a hit.

Let’s hear what YOU are hoping to unwrap this holiday season! Leave a comment below and be sure to tell us what the best golf gift you’ve ever given or gotten was, and why.


PS: Be sure to swing by my Holiday Gift Cave to see all my top gift ideas, plus shop by price or category!

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One thought on “Giving The Perfect Golf Gift

  • November 30, 2009 at 6:20 pm

    I’m hoping for a 15X10 putting green for my basement!

    ***response from scratch***
    That sounds fantastic!! Maybe add a driving net? so you could have an entire golf course in your basement. Or Go all out for your wish list and get a full simulator like this one


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