Which Golfers Would You Nominate For 2010 Superlatives?

PGA Tour has given out their end of the year awards. Some of these awards make sense:

Vardon Trophy: Awarded to the player with the best scoring average over at least 60 rounds, Matt Kuchar earned this one in 2010!

Byron Nelson Award:The best scoring average over at least 50 rounds. Matt Kuchar also scooped this on up for the same average!

Arnold Palmer: Earned by winning the most cash throughout the season! Matt Kuchar Earned the most, without having the most wins!

PGA Player of the year: Selected using a points system with marks awarded for points, money list position and Scoring average. Jim Furyk captured it in 2010, Even while his scoring average was less than Kuchar’s and he was behind him on the Money list, he did have one more win, which made him that much better?

Others awards live in a gray area reminiscent of High School Superlatives:

PGA Tour Player of the year (Jack Nicklaus Trophy): Selected by Ballot (like the homecoming king?) The only year it was awarded to a golfer other than the PGA Player of the Year was in ‘1990 when Wayne Levi took it over Nick Faldo. Perhaps this year should have been a repeat of the first year? It wasn’t however, as Jim Furyk got the award.

Rookie of the year: Also selected by ballot, but the only eligible players are those in their first season on the tour. Rickie Fowler won it this year over Rory McIlroy?? I am having problems stomaching this one.

So if the PGA can have golfin’s superlatives, than so can this caveman:

Biggest Loser: Awarded to golfer who lost the most weight over the season, none other than John Daly!

Ryder Cup King And Queen: We voted at the cave, and had a split decision! Even if they aren’t together still Nick Faldo and his ex-wife Valerie Bercher looked stoic, but Phil Mickelson and his wife, Amy, were also fairly bright stars! Which is your pick?

Nick Faldo & Valerie Bercher
Phil & Amy Mickelson

Class Clown:
This has to go to Miguel Angle Jimenez! Mostly because of his Gene Wilder hair and goofy grin, but the dude can make some off-the-wall shots!

Samurai of the year: Has to go to Tiger Woods. Apparently this man’s perfect form extends beyond just his golf swing!

Alright Rock Heads! Do you have any golfin’ superlatives you’d like to give out for 2010?


One thought on “Which Golfers Would You Nominate For 2010 Superlatives?

  • December 9, 2010 at 9:43 am

    Not sure what the answer is, but, “2010 Golf’s feel Good Story Of The Year.” 2009’s was easy, Mr Watson at the Open!


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