Christmas Celebrations and Rickie’s 28th

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Sniff’s Weekly Roundup

Christmas Celebrations and Rickie’s 28th


I’ve scoured social media from the past week for the top photos, quips, and stories from your favorite golfers and golf media and gathered them together for you to enjoy! -Sniff

No PGA Golf this weekend:

But the PGA Tour did find the Top Ten shots of the year:

And Rickie turned 28:

Apparently he had quite the night:

One that involved Cindy Crawford and the Ryder Cup:

Cindy Crawford drank from the Ryder Cup trophy during Rickie’s birthday party last night 😳😂💥.

A photo posted by Golf Digest (@golfdigest) on

Feherty gets in the Christmas spirit:

A fan made Bubba Claus feel extra special with these beautiful Christmas cookies:

Beef enjoyed some hammock time:

Leaving today. Gonna miss this hammock haha….hmm Thinking If I can take it back with me in my suitcase 😆 A photo posted by Andrew ‘Beef’ Johnston (@beefgolf) on

Beef also signed up for a Beer, Beef and Birdie Triathalon with John Daly:

No one knows what to do with the Olympic Golf Course in Rio:

Golf Channel’s top 50 courses you can play in the US includes this beauty in Colorado Springs:

Look back on some gorgeous photos from 2016:

And of course, some really ridiculous moments from the year, too:

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