Did You Watch The 2010 Open Championship?

The 2010 Open Championship was poised to be brilliant. Thursday started off wonderfully, but then Friday the wind picked up and the play was halted. The feel and momentum of the tournament was never able to recover. Oosthuizen Wins Open Championship

Even with a lack of a dramatic climax, some pretty excellent things happened:

Louis Oosthuizen had built up quite the lead going into friday night, and no other golfer was able to catch up. By wrap up on Sunday, he had a commanding 7-stroke ( -16 to par) lead over the rest of the pack. This marked the first Major win for the South African golfer and shot him from 54th to 15th in the World Golf Rankings. Some have debated that his win was a result of favorable tee times, and that he may just be a flash in the pan. What do you think Rockheads?

Rory McIlroy opened with a fierce 63, and sent him to the lead. The wind on Friday seemed to push the Irishman around, causing him to mark an 80. Despite this, he was able to tie Paul Casey and Henrik Stenson for third. Rory’s performance boosted him from 9th to 7th in the world rankings.

While the top 6 ranked players didn’t trade spots. Lee Westwood bested the trio by 1 stroke to place second and shrank the gap between his 3rd place ranking and the two leading golfers, Woods and Mickelson who placed 23rd and 48th respectively.

Tiger Woods seems to be in danger of becoming just another golfer. He hasn’t claimed a single tournament yet this season, and hasn’t won a major out of the last 9 (2 years worth). For the time being, he still continues to draw the crowds, and is still clinging to his #1 spot, but how much longer will it last? Can Tiger turn this around, or will he just fade away into the gallery?

Congrats to Louis Oosthuizen!


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