Will Tiger Best Nicklaus’ record?

Eight months ago, I asked the question,“Will Tiger Woods break Jack Nicklaus’ record?” to my Facebook and Twitter Rockheads.

The answer was almost unanimously,” Yes, Tiger will win more than 18 majors.”Woods Vs Nicklaus

Ask that same question today and the response will probably be very different. Tiger hasn’t won a single event this season. He hasn’t won a Major out of the last 9, and he is on the brink of losing his #1 spot. On the surface it would appear that Tiger Woods is falling apart, but some of these facts are a bit misleading.

  • 2 of the 9 Majors, Tiger missed because of Knee Surgery. He has also been in a similar slump before. From 200-2005 Tiger went 10 Majors without a win. He faced similar criticism. Golfers had finally caught up to him. He was able to turn himself around then. He might be able to do it again.
  • Tiger Tied for 4th at both Players Championship and the US Open, tied for 23rd at the British Open. This makes his average 10th at the Majors, which is only bested by Lee Westwood. Perhaps he is not dominating the field like he once was, but he isn’t playing horribly by any means.
  • Woods is also only 34. Jack Nicklaus won his final Major at 46. This caveman will be shocked if Tiger Woods can’t pull 5 Major wins out of his bag by 2022.

What do you think Rock Heads? Will Tiger be able to break Jack Nicklaus’s record?


One thought on “Will Tiger Best Nicklaus’ record?

  • July 23, 2010 at 7:04 pm

    Yes, Tiger will beat Jack’s record of majors won.
    To accomplish the feat he will need a strong male figure in his life — again –.
    And, my guess is that strong figure will end up being Jack Nicklaus


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