Tiger’s Perfect Swing

If you’re followin’ me on Twitter, Facebook or Myspace then you may have already seen this incredible slow-motion video of Tiger Woods’ perfect golf swing. But it’s definitely worth watching more than once:

Seriously, can you spot any flaws? His head doesn’t move an inch. Left arm stays straight the entire time. Smooth swing with an even, steady tempo. Full extension and follow-through. It just doesn’t get any better that that!

Of course, Tiger has the benefit of being in great shape, too. He’s obviously spent a great deal of time working out and that gives him that much more control over his body. Ever wonder what his fitness regimen looks like?

Tiger Woods Workout:

  • Cardiovascular warm-up exercise – about 30 minutes’ worth of treadmill, stair stepper or bike exercises.
  • Total body stretching – gotta get loose all over, but especially in the lower body and core. I would assume he’s still being pretty careful with that surgically-repaired knee.
  • Core exercises – golfers know how important the trunk is, so Tiger works on posture and balance by building his stomach and back muscles. One way Woods does this is to sit on a balance ball and perform curls with free weights – a great way to develop those little stabilizer muscles to help him power through the twisting of a full swing. Old style resistance bands are also part of his routine..
  • Running – Seven mile jogs for stamina with some sprints added in for good measure.
  • Weight training – Tiger goes as high as 80% of his maximum weight doing exercises such as the bench press, the shoulder press and squats. Obviously he’s gotta be careful not to overload his shoulders since we all know how important they are to a golf swing. Tiger incorporates a variety of weight machines and free weights but always with an emphasis on a full range of motions. Unlike typical weightlifters, he’s after exercises that include movements or positions that are found in the golf swing.

Phew! Just readin’ that wore this Caveman out, but you can’t argue with the results that Tiger has gotten. He was pretty scrawny playin’ college golf at Stanford, and now he’s gotta have one of the best builds in all of golf. Any of my Rock Heads into buildin’ their bodies for golf?


Source: Tiger’s fitness regime was outlined here.

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