Haunted Golf Courses: Ghost Stories From The Greens

Golf courses are renowned for their picturesque landscapes, challenging terrains, and the serenity they offer. However, beneath the calm facade, some golf courses harbor eerie tales and mysterious occurrences that have become the stuff of legends. Here’s a look at some of the most haunted golf courses from around the world!

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How Do I Know If I’m Playing On a Haunted Golf Course?

If your golf balls mysteriously vanish, the sand traps feel eerily chilly, or the 19th hole serves up ‘spirits’ of a different kind, you might just be teeing off on a haunted golf course. Remember, it’s not a slice – it’s just a ghost giving your ball a nudge! And if you hear whispered swing advice on a windless day or spot phantom footprints on the green, it’s probably time to consider inviting that ghost to join your foursome. Just make sure they play by the rules!

Fore!-boding Fairways: A Guide to Haunted Golf Courses

Lincoln Park Golf Course, San Francisco, California

  • The Haunting: The 18th hole of this course is believed to be constructed over a part of an abandoned cemetery. Golfers often recount tales of balls mysteriously disappearing or plummeting from the sky, far from where they were aimed. The mischievous spirits of the cemetery are often blamed for these odd occurrences.

Victoria Golf Club, Victoria, British Columbia

  • The Haunting: The tragic tale of Doris Gravlin unfolds here. In 1936, Doris met her estranged husband on the seventh hole, and days later, her lifeless body was discovered along the course’s shoreline. Her husband’s body was found a month later, and the incident was declared a murder-suicide. Today, visitors frequently report sightings of Doris, draped in the same white gown she wore on that fateful night. Her ethereal presence has even been captured on security cameras, and her footprints mysteriously appear in the bunkers.

Baltusrol Golf Club, Springfield, New Jersey

  • The Haunting: This prestigious golf club is said to be the haunt of two legendary golfers, Francis Ouimet and George Lowry. In a notable incident from 2005, an assistant pro claimed to have seen the spirits of both golfers, seated nonchalantly on a bench by the course. Their intentions, however, remain a mystery.

City Park, New Orleans, Louisiana

  • The Haunting: A chilling legend from the 1960s tells of a man who shot a woman as she concluded her golf round on the 18th hole. Since that tragic event, numerous golfers have reported hearing a gunshot followed by a spine-tingling scream. Some have even dialed 911, genuinely alarmed by what they heard.

St. Andrews, Scotland

  • The Haunting: The Old Course at St. Andrews is said to be frequented by the spirit of Young Tom Morris, a four-time Open Championship winner. Eyewitnesses have recounted seeing a spectral figure resembling Morris, assisting golfers in finding their lost balls. Some have even witnessed this apparition playing shots, only to vanish into thin air moments later.


Golfing with Ghosts: Precautions and Etiquette

While the idea of encountering a ghost on the golf course might be thrilling for some, it can be unnerving for others. If you’re planning to visit one of these haunted golf courses, here are some tips to ensure a pleasant experience:

  1. Respect the Spirits: Remember, these ghosts were once people, too. Whether they’re lingering due to unfinished business or simply attached to the place they loved, it’s essential to treat them with respect. Avoid mocking or challenging them.
  2. Stay Calm: If you do encounter something unusual, try to remain calm. Panicking can only make the situation more stressful. Take deep breaths and remind yourself that most spirits are harmless.
  3. Play During Daylight: While nighttime golf can be an exciting challenge, it might not be the best idea on a haunted course. Stick to daylight hours to minimize any spooky encounters.
  4. Bring a Buddy: Golfing is always more fun with a friend, and having someone with you can be comforting if you’re nervous about potential ghostly encounters.
  5. Document Your Experience: If you’re into the paranormal, consider bringing a camera or voice recorder. You might capture something unexpected! However, always prioritize your safety and the safety of others.
  6. Know the Legends: Before you play, familiarize yourself with the stories and legends associated with the course. This knowledge can enhance your experience and give you a deeper appreciation for the course’s history.

Frequently Asked (and Ghostly) Questions

Will playing on a haunted golf course improve my handicap?

While we can’t guarantee a ghostly caddie will help you shave strokes off your game, you might just get some otherworldly advice on that tricky par 3!

I lost my ball on the 18th hole. Can I blame a ghost?

Absolutely! Ghosts are notorious ball thieves. It’s probably in their spectral collection now.

Can I book a tee time with Young Tom Morris at St. Andrews?

While Young Tom is quite the popular apparition, he’s a bit unpredictable with his schedule. But hey, hang around the bunkers, and you might just spot him!

I heard a scream on the course. Should I call Ghostbusters?

While the Ghostbusters are experts in their field, maybe check if it’s just someone frustrated with their putt first.

Do ghosts have a preferred golf ball brand?

Word on the green is that they’re partial to “Boo-ridgestone” and “Phantom Pro V1s”.

Is there a ghostly dress code?

Most ghosts tend to lean towards the “white sheet” look, but if you spot one in plaid pants and a tam o’shanter, let us know!

I captured a ghost on the golf course on camera! What’s the prize?

Eternal bragging rights and maybe a free round of golf. Just beware of photobombing phantoms on your next selfie!

Do ghosts also shout “Fore!”?

More like “Boo!” But yes, they do appreciate good golf etiquette.

A Spirited Game: The Supernatural Side of Golf

These tales of haunted golf courses serve as a testament to the rich history and lore associated with the sport. Whether you’re a believer in the supernatural or a skeptic, these stories undeniably add a touch of mystery and excitement to the world of golf. So, the next time you’re on a golf course, keep an eye out; you never know who might be joining you for a round!

Happy haunting… erm, golfing! 👻🏌🏿‍♀️⛳

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