Golfin’ Getaways & More For Couples On The Course

Love is in the air here at The Cave… Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! If you’re lucky enough to have a sweetheart who is into golf like you are, there are plenty of ways to share your love for the game and each other at the same time.

First, I say forget the flowers and can the box of chocolates and get ’em somethin’ they really want like golf gear! Getting them that new club you know they need or a box of their favorite golf ball shows you care about them and know what they like. Plus every time they tee it up they’ll remember you got it for ’em! Check out my hand-selected Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him and For Her

If you’re able to put a little more time and a LOT more money into it, a golf vacation for two can be one of your favorite memories together for a long time to come. Special golf cruise and spa packages are available from a variety of sources, custom-tailored to provide golfin’ couples with a variety of championship-caliber courses in all kinds of exotic locations. Or pick your own place from this list of most romantic golf getaway spots and settle in for a weekend or week’s worth of fun.

Even if you haven’t found your playing partner for life yet, don’t despair! There’s a new crop of dating websites designed specifically to match up golfers. The Caveman’s a committed bachelor so these aren’t for me, but a quick search turned up sites like and GolfMates that can help you meet area singles who might give you a run for your money on the local muni.

If you have any other suggestions on great golf getaways, I would like to hear them. Also if you have any romantic golf stories, send ’em my way!


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