Valentine’s Day: Playing With Your Partner PLUS Ten Reasons To Love Golf

Since this Caveman is a perpetual bachelor, Valentine’s Day isn’t nearly as big a deal for me as it is for many of you married or committed Rock Heads. But this year I got to thinkin’ and now I gotta know: How many of you play golf with your romantic partner?

Seems like almost all of the golf jokes I hear have something to do with the husband’s love for and wife’s hate of golf, but I personally know more than a few couples who tee it up together. And while maybe I’m not much of a romantic, I sure would love to hear how golf has brought you closer.

I’m also not much of a poet, but love is in the air at The Rock and I’ve been inspired to put pen to paper, professing my love for the game of golf:

How do I love golf? Let me count the ways.
I love thee to the depth and breadth and height
My eyes can see, when driving out of bounds
to the edges of Fairways and onto neighboring Greens.

And since cavemen aren’t known to be great counters, here’s a list of 10 things I love about golf:

10) Golf is 90% mental and 10% mental
9) No matter how bad you are playing, you can always play worse.
8) Golf is a test of your skill vs your opponent’s luck.
7) You can hit a 2-acre fairway 10% of the time, and a 2-inch branch 90% of the time.
6) Golf has been around since the Stone Age, like me!
5) It is a great way to break up a day-long walk
4) The beauty of a golf course beats any ballpark or basketball court I’ve ever seen
3) The physics involved with every decision, although if you try to calculate them your head will explode
2) You can play the sport at any age, with any handicap (pun)
1) Your biggest opponent in golf is yourself!

Alright Rock Heads, you’ve got my reasons, why do you love the sport? Lets hear it!


BONUS JOKE: A married man was having an affair with his secretary.
One day, their passions overcame them and they took off for her house, where they made passionate love all afternoon.

Exhausted from the wild sex, they fell asleep, awakening around 8:00pm. As the man threw on his clothes, he told the woman to take his shoes outside and rub them through the grass and dirt. Mystified, she nonetheless complied.

He slipped into his shoes and drove home. “Where have you been?” demanded his wife.

“Darling, I can’t lie to you. I’ve been having an affair with my secretary and we’ve been having sex all afternoon. I fell asleep and didn’t wake up until eight o’clock.”

The wife glanced down at his shoes and said, “You liar! You’ve been playing golf!”

One thought on “Valentine’s Day: Playing With Your Partner PLUS Ten Reasons To Love Golf

  • February 12, 2010 at 5:45 pm

    My husband and I do golf together and have a lot of fun traveling to different courses. Prior to getting married, while we were dating, he taught me how to golf and we are living happily ever after.


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