Golf Trivia: Week 4 Winners, Correct Answers and More!

The fourth week of Caveman Golf Trivia has come to a close. Can you believe its already been a month?. Thank you all for playing! For those Rock Heads who are scorin’ at home, here are all the questions and their answers:

How many majors did Chi Chi Rodriguez win in his PGA entire career?
Facebook: Rick Wright (1st), Adarsh Vakharia, Mike Matosziuk

How deep is a golf hole?
ANSWER: At least 4 inches.
Facebook: Ray Louie (1st), Adarsh Vakharia, Mike Matosziuk
Twitter: doug_stanley (1st), littlewiese

Entered three majors, won three majors. Who did it in 1953?
ANSWER: Ben Hogan.
Facebook: Mike Matosziuk (1st), Adarsh Vakharia, Carlos Ibacache

Who retired from competitive golf after winning the four majors in 1930?
ANSWER: Bobby Jones.
Facebook: Mike Matosziuk (1st), Adarsh Vakharia, Aaron Reese, Mark Rhodes
Twitter: TheMattParrish (1st),

Who won the U.S., Canadian and British Opens in a four-week span in 1971?
ANSWER: Lee Trevino.
Facebook: Mike Matosziuk (1st), Adarsh Vakharia, Aaron Reese,

Where did tom Watson go to school:

ANSWER: Stanford
Facebook:Mike Matosziuk(1st), Tim Arnold, Cris Prater. Adarsh Vakharia, Bill Knapp
Twitter: FHLawyer

Where did John Daly go to scool?

Facebook:Mike Matosziuk(1st). Brian King, Brandon Evans,
Twitter:doug_stanley, Jpalopoli

Which University did Fred Couples attend?

ANSWER: Houston
Facebook: Mike Matosziuk(1st), Eric Snyder, Adarsh Vakharia
Twitter: Jpalopoli

Which college golf team did Phil Mickelson play for?
ANSWER: Arizona State
Facebook:Mike Matosziuk(1st), Adarsh Vakharia, steve piskai
Twitter:Grantwgates, Jpalopoli

Where did Raymond Floyd go to school?
ANSWER:University of North Carolina
Facebook:Adarsh Vakharia(1st), Mike Matosziuk, Bill Knapp
Twitter:GrantWGates, Jpalopoli 10

What date did this headline appear: “Geiberger first to fire 59?”
ANSWER: June 10th, 1977
Facebook:Scott Ellsworth(1st). Adarsh Vakharia, Mike Matosziuk

When did Snead beat Hogan for the Masters?
ANSWER: April 12th, 1954
Facebook:Scott Ellsworth(1st), Stephanie Ciocarlan, Adarsh Vakharia, Mike Matosziuk, Mike Wilson

When did Arnold Palmer win his first Major and what was it?

ANSWER: 1958 Masters
Facebook: Adarsh Vakharia(1st), Mike Matosziu, Michael Wilson, Chance Chance Proverbs

Who holds the PGA record for the same event the most times? and which event was it?

ANSWER: Sam Snead. Greater Greensboro Open – 8 times
Faceboook: Mike Matosziuk(1st), Keith Rogers, Adarsh Vakharia, Michael Wilson

What was the first year admission was charged for the US Open?
ANSWER: 1922
Facebook: Adarsh Vakharia, Mike Matosziuk, Daniel Rocha, Michael Wilson 15

How old do you have to be to enter the US Senior Amateur?
Facebook:Adarsh Vakharia(1st), Mike Matosziuk
Twitter: Doug_stanley(1st), parkdesigns

Who holds the record for most consecutive events on the PGA tour without missing a cut? and what is the record?
ANSWER: Tiger woods 142, 2nd, Byron Nelson with 113
Facebook: Mike Matosziuk(1st), Michael Wilson
Twitter: Doug_Stanley(1st), parkdesigns

Who won the first Masters Tournament? And when was it held?
ANSWER: Horton Smith, 1934
Facebook:Mike Matosziuk(1st), Adarsh Vakharia, Michael Wilson
Twitter:Doug_Stanley(1st), parkdesigns

Who won the first British Open?

ANSWER: Willie Park
Facebook:Mike Matosziuk(1st) Adarsh Vakharia, Michael Wilson,
Twitter: Westerngolf(1st), Parkdesigns

Who was the first South African Golfer to win the British Open?
ANSWER: Bobby locke
Facebook:Mike Matosziuk(1st), Michael Wilson, Adarsh Vakharia,
Twitter:Parkdesigns(1st), jphong1966

Which “son” has won five British Opens?
ANSWER: Tom Watson
Facebook:Adarsh Vakharia, Mike Matosziuk, Aaron Hoops
Twitter:ACB6309(1st), parkdesigns

Which “Son” won all of the majors except the British Open?
ANSWER: Byron Nelson
Facebook: Adarsh Vakharia (1st), Mike Matosziuk,

Who holds the PGA Record for career holes-in one?
ANSWER: Mancil Davis
Facebook: Mike Matosziuk(1st), Adarsh Vakharia,

When was the last time a golfer won the US Open on his First attempt?
ANSWER: 1913, Francis Ouimet
Facebook: Adarsh Vakharia (1st), Mike Matosziuk
Twitter: Doug_stanley(1st)

Who said this about whom? “They always used to say the wind stopped for Hogan. Now it stops for [him]”

ANSWER: Jack Nicklaus about Tiger Woods
Facebook:Adarsh Vakharia(1st), Mike Matosziuk

Congrats to Doug_Stanley (twitter) and Mike Matosziuk (Facebook) for winning the trivia contests this week with scores of 30 and 77, respectively. Remember you get 5 points for having the first correct answer, but can also gain points just by having the correct answer! Weekly winners receive $10 gift certificates to

If I haven’t heard from you yet, why not come & play with me and the rest of the Rock Heads this week? Questions are posted between 2 and 4 pm EST on both Facebook and Twitter. To keep things fair, you can only win once per contest per month.

Also Mike Matosziuk took this weeks High score on my golfin’ game with a score of 8200! Since he won both the Trivia and the golfin’ game. I will give him an extra $5 for a total of $25. Congrats Mike!


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