NFL Playoffs: First Round Predictions

This weekend marks the start of the NFL’s Second Season… the playoffs! And since it’s still WAY too cold to step very far outside the Cave, I figured my Rock Heads could forgive this Caveman for campin’ out on the couch with some chips and a coupla bottles of suds to catch all the action!NFL Logo

Before I do though I figured I’d risk looking a bit more foolish (which is hard to do when you’ve got already got a bone through your nose!) by puttin’ my picks in print right here on your monitor. Feel free to heckle me or make your own predictions in the comments down below!

Round One:

In the AFC, the Bengals have been comin’ on strong and have had an emotional edge with them since WR Chris Henry’s death, while even the Jets’ coached counted them out of the postseason only a few weeks ago. Scratch’s pick: Cincinnati Bengals

Meanwhile, New England’s been banged up pretty badly this year: QB Tom Brady’s got a couple broken ribs and WR Wes Welker might not make it back for NEXT year after tearing up his knee last week. Baltimore surprised some people last year, but everybody knows about QB Joe Flacco this time around. Scratch’s pick: New England Patriots

Over in the NFC, it’s a crazy case of deja vu as a couple Week 17 matchups get a do-over when the Philadelphia Eagles take on Dallas after getting blanked 24-0 last week. And I guess you can call this Caveman crazy, because despite the spankin’, I can’t cast my vote for any team led by Tony Romo. Scratch’s pick: Philadelphia Eagles

The Arizona Cardinals are also looking to avenge the 33-7 stomping they took at home last week when the Green Bay Packers come back to Pheonix. Remember that these Cardinals did the unthinkable with last year’s Super Bowl run, but Green Bay and QB Aaron Rodgers have played with a mighty big chip on their shoulders (and in the shadow of former QB Brett Farve). This one could go either way. Scratch’s pick: Green Bay Packers


PS: has all kinds of NFL coverage, so head over there if you’re lookin’ for more pigskin info!

One thought on “NFL Playoffs: First Round Predictions

  • January 8, 2010 at 7:49 pm

    whats up with you and Romo….and I think you wrong with the Cardinals. But i like the rest of you picks

    *** Response From Scratch ***

    No real bad blood between Tony Romo and myself, just feel like there are other worthy QBs in the league who get overshadowed by Romo, and until this weekend he really hadn’t done much to deserve so much of the spotlight. We’ll see if he wins me over by leading the Cowboys passed the first round….


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