PGA’s 2010 Tour Schedule

While about 2/3’s of the US is stuck in a deep freeze and even Beijing, China, is diggin’ out from under a foot of snow, those lucky PGA pros are soaking up the sun at the first PGA TOUR event of 2010.PGA TOUR

They’re assembled in Kapalua, Hawaii, for the SBS Championship, which kicks off the new season on Thursday. And while I know the little bit of warmth from our computer screens and TVs are no substitute for palm trees and Pacific seabreezes, I’ll be glued to The Golf Channel’s coverage because no Tiger means the field is WIDE open, and every player knows it. They’ll be grinding to start the new season off with a victory which should make for four exciting rounds! And even they are a bit rusty for their first tourney, who doesn’t like to see the pros struggle sometimes?

Check out the rest of the 2010 PGA TOUR Schedule here!


BONUS: If you really want to split hairs, I guess technically THIS was the first golf tournament of the year!

One thought on “PGA’s 2010 Tour Schedule

  • January 4, 2010 at 5:58 pm

    HD helps, but I can’t wait until they invent feel-o-vision. -3 degrees for a high here today.


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