One More For The Highlight Reel

Lots of Rock Heads chimed in with their opinion on Tiger Woods’ On-Course Etiquette. But whatever you might think about his behavior, there is no doubt about his talent – Tiger Woods is the greatest golfer ever.

If you don’t agree, then you must not have seen this shot on Sunday. With Padraig Harrington clinging to a one-shot lead with just 3 holes to play, Tiger pulled a miracle out of his bag (along with his 8-iron):

Padraig fell apart and carded a triple bogey, leaving Tiger to claim his 70th PGA Tour victory with ease and all but erase the aftertaste of that missed cut at Turnberry.

The only question now is, can Tiger make it 3 in a row with a win at the PGA Championship this weekend?


PS: Check out this report that Tiger will be fined for his criticism of the rules official and his announcement that Tiger and Paddy were on the clock

3 thoughts on “One More For The Highlight Reel

  • August 10, 2009 at 6:36 pm

    It was interesting that Tiger came out afterwards and complained on Paddy’s behalf, for their grouping being put on a stopwatch. Tiger said Paddy would have carded no worse than a bogey if they hadn’t been rushed along by Referee Paramor. They were the last grouping, so I don’t see the harm in them lagging a bit behind. It was a battle royale, so why step in and change the pace? I don’t think the viewers were too upset about them being a couple holes behind. Must have been a schedule to keep or something?

    *** Response From Scratch ***

    Good call Burnz, hard to believe they’d put the final group on the clock. But you may have noticed that 60 Minutes started on time following the round, so my guess is that the TV execs are behind the ruling.

  • August 10, 2009 at 9:03 pm

    I watched it live, and all I can say is wow. There is no way in this world, from 182 yards, anyone should be able to hit an 8 iron, that high, and long, to that small of a target. There is no doubt that he is the best in the world, and maybe even to play the game. A shot like that just boggles the mind.

    *** Response From Scratch ***

    That sound you might have heard while you were watching was my jaw hittin’ the floor, John. Simply amazing…

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