Is There A Golf Dress Code? Guide On What To Wear When Playing Golf

Golf, a sport known for its traditions and etiquette, has a dress code that varies across different golf courses but generally aims to maintain a professional appearance while respecting the game’s integrity. The guidelines for golf attire in 2024 reflect both the tradition of the sport and the evolving fashion trends.

Key Takeaways

  1. General Dress Code: Collared/polo shirts for men; modest shirts for women; paired with slacks, shorts, or skirts. Avoid T-shirts, jeans, cargo shorts, and athletic wear.
  2. Location-Specific Codes: Check the specific course’s dress code, as it can vary.
  3. Men’s Attire: Collared shirts, slacks, khakis, or golf-specific shorts. Shirts tucked in.
  4. Women’s Attire: Variety of tops (including collared, sleeveless polos) and bottoms (pants, capris, shorts, skirts, skorts, dresses) in breathable fabrics.
  5. Junior Golfers: Follow adult dress code guidelines.
  6. Special Events: May have unique dress requirements.
  7. Clubhouse Dress: Higher standard of dress; neat and appropriate.
  8. Weather Considerations: Light, moisture-wicking fabrics for heat; long-sleeved tops and jackets for cooler weather.
  9. Overall Guidelines: Clothes should be neat, properly fitting, and non-offensive. Shorts and skirts modest in length. No denim, sweatpants, or athletic shorts.

Is There A Dress Code For Playing Golf?

Yes, there is typically a dress code to play golf. Most golf courses have dress codes to maintain the sport’s traditions and etiquette. For men, the usual dress code includes collared or polo-style shirts with slacks or knee-length shorts. Generally, women should wear modest-looking shirts like collared tops with slacks, shorts, or skirts. Avoid wearing T-shirts, jeans, cargo shorts, gym shorts, and athletic shorts.


Check Before Your Hit The Links!

The best rule-of-thumb, however, is to check with golf course before heading out to play. Most golf courses will have similar rules for attire, but checking beforehand will ensure that you can hit the links without any issues. Some municipal golf courses may have more relaxed dress codes, but it’s always best to adhere to traditional golf attire when in doubt.

General Guidelines On What To Wear

Men’s Golf Attire

For men, the typical dress code at most golf courses includes:

  • Collared Shirts: This is a must. Polo shirts and turtlenecks are common choices. Shirts should be tucked in at all times.
  • Bottoms: Acceptable options include slacks, khakis, or golf-specific shorts, usually of a length no shorter than mid-thigh. Cargo shorts, chino shorts, and even capri pants (golf-specific brands) may be allowed.
  • Footwear: Golf shoes with soft spikes or spikeless shoes are preferred. Metal spikes are generally not allowed due to their potential to damage greens.


Men’s Golf Apparel

Women’s Golf Attire

Women’s golf fashion has become more diverse and inclusive, allowing for personal style while adhering to certain standards. Key aspects include:

  • Shirts and Tops: Options range from collared shirts, sleeveless polo shirts, V-neck, and turtleneck styles. Most shirts are designed in breathable fabrics.
  • Bottoms: Tailored pants, capris, knee-length shorts, skirts, or skorts are standard. Golf dresses are also popular, often made from performance fabrics.
  • Footwear: Similar to men, women should wear golf-specific shoes with soft spikes or opt for spikeless shoes for comfort and traction.

Women’s Golf Apparel

Junior Golfers

  • Young golfers are generally expected to follow similar dress code guidelines as adults, with options like collared shirts, slacks, and golf-specific shorts for both boys and girls.

Attire for Golf Tournaments and Events

Special events and tournaments may have specific dress code requirements, often communicated beforehand. These could include matching outfits or certain color schemes.


Clubhouse and Facilities Dress Code

While on the course, the focus is on functionality and respect. In clubhouses and other facilities, a higher level of dress is often expected – neat, clean, and free from offensive designs.

Weather-Appropriate Attire

Depending on the weather, players might need to adjust their attire. In hot and sunny conditions, lightweight, moisture-wicking fabrics are recommended, while in cooler weather, long-sleeved tops, golf pants or capris, and lightweight jackets are suitable.

General Golf Dress Code Guidelines To Keep In Mind

When considering your attire for the golf course, remember these key points:

  • Your clothes should be neat, ironed, and devoid of any designs that could be seen as offensive or inappropriate.
  • Ensure that your clothing fits properly, avoiding overly tight or loose garments.
  • Collared shirts with sleeves are mandatory and should always be tucked in.
  • The length of shorts and skirts should be modest, generally not rising above mid-thigh.
  • Avoid wearing denim jeans, sweatpants, or any form of athletic shorts while on the course.


Golf Attire FAQs

What are some examples of inappropriate golf attire?

Inappropriate golf attire often includes jeans, untucked or Hawaiian shirts, workout clothes, cargo pants, cut-off or excessively short shorts, casual T-shirts, flip-flops, impractical sundresses, street shoes, and any overly tight or revealing clothing. Always check with the specific golf club for their dress code, as guidelines can vary.

Are there any golf courses that require specific colors or patterns?

Most golf courses allow a range of colors and patterns in golf attire, with a preference for neutral hues and acceptable designs like stripes, small logos, and subtle graphics. However, it’s recommended to avoid overly loud colors and patterns, and always check with the specific golf club for their dress code guidelines.

Can I wear athletic wear or casual clothes on a golf course?

Generally, athletic wear and casual clothes are not suitable for golf courses. The preferred attire is more formal, including collared shirts, tailored pants, or golf-specific clothing. While some courses may allow relaxed styles, traditional golf attire is recommended to respect the sport’s etiquette.

What should I wear to a golf event if I’m not playing?

For spectators or guests at golf events, smart casual attire is usually appropriate. This can include polo shirts, blouses, slacks, or skirts. While the dress code is less strict than for players, it’s advisable to avoid overly casual clothing like jeans or T-shirts. Check with the event or course for specific guidelines.

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