Unleash Your Short Game Potential: The Ultimate Guide to Golf Chippers

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Mastering the short game can be a huge win for golfers aiming to step up their performance on the course. The golf chipper, often an overlooked club, can be a secret weapon. In this guide, we’re going to investigate the world of golf chippers! What are their benefits, when should they be used, and how to choose the best one for your game?

Pitching vs. Chipping: Know Your Shots

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of golf chippers, let’s clear up the confusion between pitching and chipping. Pitching is all about high-trajectory shots with more spin, allowing the ball to land softly on the green. While chipping, on the other hand, is about low-trajectory shots with less hang time. While both have their place in the short game, chipping can be super helpful when you need to cover shorter distances with more control and accuracy.

Why a Golf Chipper Could Be Your New Best Friend

For a good reason, golf chippers can be useful to golfers of all skill levels. These clubs simplify chip shots, allowing you to use a putting stroke for chip shots. And utilizing a chipper can reduce the risk of chunking, skulling, or mishitting the ball. Plus, a chipper can increase your short-game confidence, helping you approach each shot with a clear strategy.

When to Use Golf Chippers: A Guide for Every Skill Level

Whether you’re a beginner struggling with consistency or a seasoned player seeking greater control around the green, a golf chipper can be incredibly useful. 

But should you sacrifice another, maybe useful, club to carry a chipper in your bag during a round? After reading this article, let us know your thoughts.

Here’s a breakdown of when to use a golf chipper at each level of golf:


 A golf chipper can be a lifesaver when dealing with short shots around the green. A chipper can provide consistency and forgiveness as you develop your chipping technique and gain proficiency.

Intermediate players

A golf chipper can come in handy when you’re after more control and precision on chip shots for intermediate players. And a chipper can be particularly useful when navigating tricky lies or uneven terrain.

Advanced players

As with other golf player levels, a golf chipper can be a valuable tool to enhance your short game in various situations. It’s especially useful for advanced players and pros when executing delicate shots with precise distance control.

Choosing the Best Golf Chipper for Your Game

A golf chipper is a specialized club designed to improve your short game around the greens. And here are some things to consider when choosing the correct chipper for your game:

  • Loft: The loft of a chipper determines the trajectory of your shot. A higher loft gives you more height and less roll. And conversly, a lower loft gives you more roll and less height. Choose a loft that will be most useful for the situations you find yourself in most often during your short game. 
  • Clubhead design and weight distribution: The clubhead design of a chipper can vary from a putter-like shape to a wedge-like shape. A chipper’s weight distribution can affect the club’s balance and feel. Choose the best chipper for your swing style. And also consider the weight distribution for improved control.
  • Shaft length and material: The shaft length of a chipper is usually similar to that of a putter or a 7-iron. A longer shaft gives you more distance but less accuracy, while a shorter shaft gives you more accuracy but less distance. 
  • Grip options and preferences: The grip of a chipper can be round or flat, much like putter grips. Some chippers have special grips designed to improve alignment and stability. Experiment with different grip options to find the one that gives you the most shot control and precision. 
  • Personal skill level and playing style:  Consider your skill level, chipping technique, and desired shot trajectory when selecting a chipper that aligns with your game. During a regular round of play, ask yourself where a chipper can be useful for your game.

Final Thoughts

Chipping is a critical skill for a golfer. And a golf chipper can be a valuable addition to your bag if you need help with traditional wedges or putters on shots around the green. By understanding how a chipper can be helpful for you, you can find one that complements your playing style and helps you achieve greater accuracy and consistency in your chip shots.

Before Your Go!

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