Scratch's Top Hybrid Tips!

Hybrids!Since the 1990s, mid to high handicappers have been improvin’ their game with hybrid clubs. Designed to replace long irons, hybrids hit the ball the same distances as irons, but with greater forgiveness and other game-improvement features built in. Hybrid golf clubs actually incorporate elements from both woods and irons into their designs. This combination of features helps in getting the ball airborne, that dampen the effects of mishits, and other things that are pluses. Hybrids are considered the most versatile club by many pros today because of its wide range of capabilities. When I talked about hybrids before you Rock Heads seemed to enjoy it, so here are Scratch’s Updated Top Hybrid Tips!


  • The Hybrid Swing – Grip the club exactly the same fashion as hitting a fairway wood or long iron. While a hybrid may not look as overpowering as a wood, a smooth, steady swing is likely to result in just as long a shot. Come down on the ball like using a middle or short iron. The hybrid is designed to convert this impact into a long and high shot.
  • The Hybrid Swing Pt.2 – Swing the hybrid as you would a fairway wood when you have a good lie in which the ball is sitting up on the grass. If you’re a right-handed golfer, tilt your spine slightly to the right to help you swing on the correct path and plane. Use the sole of the club to skip off the turf as it hits the ball, which will make the ball fly higher.
  • Ball Placement – Hybrids are usually played in a similar ball position as irons – slightly forward in your stance. A hybrid club typically reaches the bottom of the swing a bit later than an iron, which is why it’s necessary to move the ball forward. But in cases of deep rough, it’s actually best to play the ball back a couple of inches to avoid getting further caught up in the rough. If you’re in deep rough, hit your hybrid like a short iron.
  • Use Golf Tees – Hit with the hybrid off the tee; they’re good for a long par-3 or short par-4. Hybrids tend to produce higher loft and trajectory, meaning a solid shot could very well land softly on the green with little roll, setting up a potential birdie or eagle putt. Tee the ball low and keep it in the middle of your stance, lined up to the target.
  • Non-Fairway Shots – As said before, hybrids are super versatile. You don’t have to confine your hybrid to fairway shots; they’re also useful in the rough and on chip shots. For chip shots, choking up on a hybrid and letting the club’s natural loft take over is a surefire way to be more accurate in your ball placement.
  • Practice, Practice, Practice – Practice swinging with your hybrids at least three times per week at the practice range. These clubs are easier to hit, but you still have to get used to them. Hit at least 30 percent of your practice balls with your hybrids.

Need more help? Check out the video below from YouTube user playgolf!

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  • July 15, 2013 at 4:50 pm

    Great tips. Hybrids r essential to senior golfers.


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