BombTech Grenade 2 Driver Spotlight

This week we are spotlighting the BombTech Grenade 2 Driver! The dual-cavity design found on these drivers comes straight from research done in a student engineering capstone project at the University of Vermont. The dual-cavity design helps break through the air and create less drag on every shot. And the BombTech Grenade 2 has even better aerodynamics due to a repositioning of the cavities and a better center of gravity that is lower and deeper than in the original Grenade driver.

Check out the videos below to see if the BombTech Grenade 2 Driver is right for you!

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The BombTech Grenade 2 Driver head specifications

  • The face material is Ti-1188 hardened titanium.
  • Hosel Depth is 38mm.
  • Driver head weight is 199 grams.
  • The face angle is 1* closed
  • Size: 450cc
  • Lie: 59*


University of Vermont Engineering Students Test the Grenade 2 Driver

In this video, University of Vermont students compare the aerodynamics of the original Grenade Driver against the second generation Grenade 2 Driver. They explain how improved aerodynamics help your swing and improve your drive. Putting the drivers through wind tunnel test, these students show proof that the Grenade 2 outperforms the original Grenade Driver in aerodynamics.


BombTech Grenade 2 Driver – First Review

Here, Weston from Art of Simple Golf Utah does an in-depth review of the BombTech Grenade 2 driver, the second iteration of the popular fan favorite Grenade driver. First, he goes over the new, updated look of the newer driver and explains some of the main design and technology changes. Weston goes on to test out the driver and talks about how the new design feels more solid on impact with improved sound on impact. Next, he smashes a few with a launch monitor and collects data to see how the Grenade 2 performs overall. Last, he gives an overall review of the driver and how it stacks up against the competition.


Bombtech Grenade 2 driver first drives on course review

This video features another BombTech Grenade 2 Driver review by Brent from GetBackToGolf. He first takes it out on the course and hits a few drives. Brent then gives a quick wrap-up and gives his impressions on how the Grenade 2 performs. Take a look and find out what he has to say.

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