Protein Supplements Explained

Protein PowderSo you’ve decided to add a protein supplement to your routine. Good for you! Protein helps you build and preserve muscle or can be used to control hunger during dieting. Protein is also essential for healing injuries. It can be confusing though deciding which protein supplement to use. There are different types of protein supplements and you should choose the one best suited to your needs. Read on:

Whey Protein Supplements

Whey protein, found naturally in milk, is the most popular type of protein supplement on the market today. It’s the king of proteins and here’s why: whey proteins have the highest biological value of all proteins. This means that they’re the fastest digesting and isn’t filling. Whey protein is also loaded with Essential Amino Acids(EAAs) including the three Branched Chain Amino Acids(BCAAs) that the body uses to build proteins. Whey protein is also low in glutamine and arginine.

Not all whey supplements are created equal though.It is available in three different qualities: whey concentrate, whey isolate, and a combination of the two. Whey concentrate is the most basic and most affordable because it has the lowest amount of protein by volume(50-85%) and has the most fat and lactose. Whey protein isolate, on the other hand, is the most expensive form of whey protein. It’s a higher quality protein source with a higher biological value. Whey isolate ranges from 90-95% protein by volume and is preferred by the sports nutrition industry. The most cost-effective whey supplements combine whey concentrate and whey isolate; this makes a less expensive, yet quality supplement.

I recommend GAT Prolein Powder for a whey protein supplement.

Casein Protein Supplements

Casein, also found in milk, is the slowest-digesting protein on the market. Studies have demonstrated that casein protein can sustain the body with a regular supply of amino acids for at least seven hours, making casein the most anabolic protein, even more than whey. The rationale behind this is really because casein forms a “gel” in acidic environments like the stomach, and so releases a steady supply of amino acids into the bloodstream, permitting your body to remain anabolic. Because casein protein is used by the body to build muscle, and less is used as a energy source, casein supplementation encourages the body to use carbs and stored fat for energy. Casein is also very high in the popular bodybuilding supplement glutamine.

Due to the slow rate of digestion, casein protein is best used before bed or other prolonged periods without food but never after a workout. Post-workout protein should be soaked up fast into the bloodstream.

Casein is 92% protein and has a very “thick” taste. Since casein leaves you feeling full, dieters may consume casein supplements to reduce hunger.

I recommend Dymatize Elite Casein Protein Powder.

Egg Protein Supplements

Egg protein is a medium-digesting, high-quality protein found in egg whites and it is generally taken after a workout.
The body is able to fully digest egg protein, which provides energy and assists muscle growth. Egg protein contains no fat and is vitamin free, which can assist in weight loss.It is popular in bodybuilding circles because of a higher essential to non-essential amino acid ratio. Eggs are often considered the king of natural food proteins because of their high essential amino acids levels. Shockingly, egg protein powder contains no fat or cholesterol as it is formed from the whites of the eggs, and contains no egg yolks.

Because egg protein is not made from milk, it is a source of protein for the lactose intolerant.

Soy Protein

Soy protein is derived from soy beans and is the sole protein considered free of fat, cholesterol, and lactose. Soy is the only protein that does not come from animals, making it acceptable for vegetarians who need further protein supplementation in their diet. It’s a complete protein and a good selection for folks who are lactose intolerant. Soy protein can be employed in pancake batters, breads, and other baked goods as well as other foods to increase there protein content. It is usually considered a medium digesting protein, somewhere in between the assimilation rate of whey and casein, making it a particularly flexible protein.

Soy protein is high quality, but not as efficient as milk or casein protein, It is a fast digesting protein source that has an average amino acid profile. Because of this, it is not the most desirable protein source for those looking to build muscle.

Blended Proteins

If you can afford just one type of protein, consider going with a blend. These products, like BSN Syntha-6 and Elite Fusion 7, combine faster-, intermediate-, and slower-protein sources (i.e. whey, egg, and casein), to provide more sustained protein digestion than single source proteins like those discussed above.

There’s no one superior protein, only superior protein for each time and occasion.  Your post-workout protein should be a fast digesting protein, the ideal choice would be whey isolate or a mix of whey concentrate and isolate mixed with water. Through the rest of the day, egg and casein protein would be best since they are slower digesting proteins keeping you anabolic for a longer duration. Choose the best protein for your situation.

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