Scratch’s Golf & Fitness Trivia: Answers, Winners & More!

For those of you who don’t know this red-bearded cave dweller runs a weekly trivia game on both Facebook and Twitter! I am also going to start rotating Trivia between golf and fitness! So check out Trivia This week on my RBF Facebook Page or Twitter page!

Here are Last Weeks Golf Questions & Answers!

Who started the phrase that eventually turned into “birdie?”
Abner & William Smith, developed from “That was a bird of a shot”

How long is the longest golf course in the world?
Nullarbor Links measures in at over 850 miles long!

What is the longest US golf course?
International Golf Club, Bolton, MA

Why was golf banned in Scotland for nearly 50 years?
It, along with soccer, was considered too much of a distraction, while trying to prepare troops for the English invasion.

What percentage of golfers will actually achieve a handicap below 18?
Only 20%

And The Fitness Questions & Answers!

What exercise can actually improve your eyesight?
Anything Aerobic, but especially running.

Which fruit has more vitamin C than an orange and 20% more potassium than a banana?

Which is more effective, three 10 minute walks or one thirty minute walk?
One Thirty Minute Walk!

True or False, running can reverse brain shrinkage and deterioration?

How many more calories does one pound of muscle burn per day than one pound of fat?
48, 1lb of muscle burns 50 calories per day compared to the 2 calories from 1lb of fat.

Congrats to:

The Trivia Winners: Chandler Rice, the winner via Golf Facebook, and Hilton Golfer, the Golf Twitter winner! Roberto Carlos Enriquez, took the Fitness Facebook Trivia! You have each won a $10 RockBottom gift certificate! Spend it wisely Rock Heads!

If you haven’t played yet, but want to get in on the weekly trivia contest. Here is a quick refresh of the rules! I will pose 1 question per day for a total of 5 questions throughout the week. The first person to answer the question correctly will get 3pts, but you can earn a point for every correct answers you post (limit 1 per question). If It comes down to a tie, I will choose the winner randomly from the top scorers!

You can get the prize for winning trivia, having the high score on my golfin’ game, or scavenger hunt once a month. But if you happen to have racked up the most points in two of them, I will give you a $25 gift certificate instead! In order to be fair amongst my Rock Heads you can only win each game once per month. Good Luck Rock Heads!


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