Get Pumped For The East Coast Surfing Championship!

The 51st Annual East Coast Surfing Championship(ECSC) storms into Virginia Beach this week. What does that mean? It means that HUGE surfing competition for both pros and amateurs as well as lots of fitness-related events like races, volleyball, and sand soccer. Scratch will be down there this weekend so expect some sweet pics come Monday!

Don’t know much about ECSC? Well here ya go! ECSC is an annual surfing contest held every August in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and is one of the United States Surfing Federation’s major amateur events. This is a contest of course, but not just for professional surfers. Not only can pros win some dough, but amateurs also contend for cash prizes totaling close to $40,000 and championship titles.

The original inspiration for the East Coast Surfing Championships came from Long Island, New York in the summer of 1962 when a group of teens held a beach and surf party. Since its official establishment in Virginia Beach in 1963, the ECSC has grown to be the second-longest running surfing contest in the world and the oldest in North America. The event is planned, organized, and employed by the Virginia Beach Jaycees, a chapter of a nationwide volunteer organization, the United States Jaycees. This community-spirited group has served Virginia Beach throughout the years by establishing the city library system and the first beach ambulance service amongst other projects. “It definitely brings in tons of people from all up and down the East Coast which benefits the local community a lot. Business-wise, it’s the biggest week of summer,” says Michael Dunphy, of Virginia Beach, who was not only the last local boy standing last year, but the only East Coast surfer to make the quarterfinals.”

Even those without their sea legs can get in on the action. Throughout the week, other beach sporting events are held such as volleyball, skateboarding, skimboarding, beach flag football, a 5k Oceanfront run, and a swimsuit competition as well as live music and great food and drink. For young players, there’s the “Dream in Gold Junior Beach Volleyball Clinic” with three-time gold medalist, Misty Mae-Treanor.

This year there’s a new event added to the line-up called the King of the Surf Fitness Challenge. It’s a triathlon-type event including surfboard paddle out and catch a wave in (300  Meters), 1 mile soft sand run, ending with a 300 meter obstacle dash to the finish line for a total of 1.5 miles. “This challenge promotes fitness with a competitive drive to be the best, ” said Terry Bader, a Virginia Beach Jaycee and 2013 chairman of the 51st Annual Coastal Edge East Coast Surfing Championships. Definitely not for the flabby!

So keep your peepers peeled here, Rock Heads! Our cave-crew will bring all the action to you!

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