What Can Cobra's MyFly Adjustable Loft Technology Do For You?

Cobra AMP Cell DriverCobra AMP Cell Drivers are here at Rock Bottom Golf! No matter what your particular needs are, the AMP Cell Driver has got you covered! Adjustability is the name of the game right now and the AMP Cell Driver makes it practically idiot-proof. Just what this caveman needs!

The adjustability of the AMP Cell Driver is due to Cobra new breakthrough MyFly technology; this allows golfers to select from 6 different loft/trajectory settings (in one club) for optimized performance and distance based on a golfers’ swing or weather and course conditions. Plus you can choose from four eye-catching colors: Silver, Directoire Blue, Barbados Red and Vibrant Orange.

“The AMP CELL Driver offers golfers the adjustability, innovation, customization and choice they want but have not been able to get – until now,” said Bob Philion, President. “We are taking adjustability to another level with our MyFly technology, offering 6 different loft/trajectory settings golfers can change to adapt to their swing or playing conditions. The technology combined with the color choice reaffirms COBRA’s positioning as a performance driven brand infusing more joy into the game.”

Cobra’s MyFly technology allows golfer to adjust the loft of the driver and optimize the trajectory and distance of their swing. The AMP CELL Driver can be adjusted to the following lofts with a simple wrench; 8.5°, 9.5°, 9.5° Draw, 10.5°, 10.5° Draw and 11.5°. Golfers with a faster swing speed can have the lower loft they need and slower swingers can adjust the club for a higher loft.  If it’s windy, the driver can be changed to a lower loft to bring ball flight down. Or if more carry is need, a higher loft can be used.

Cobra teams its this adjustability with its SmartPad technology, a specially designed part of the sole. This ensure that the club will sit relatively square, regardless of the loft. It also allows the golfer to slightly open or close the driver as needed at address for more shot workability. COBRA’s E9 Face Technology with dual roll is used in the AMP Cell Driver for an elliptical face shape with a canted bulge and roll that improves distance and accuracy on miss-hits from heel to toe and above and below the centerline.

Cobra’s Advanced Material Placement(AMP) and Cell technology work together to enable a 12% larger elliptical E9 Face shape to deliver faster ball speeds and high MOI on miss-hits. This technology saves redistributes weight, increasing the effective sweet spot of the club by 12%. “To save a few grams doesn’t sound like a lot, but it’s huge,” said Tom Preece, vice president of R&D for Cobra. The Cell band wrap on the driver head shows the golfer where the weight is distributed, with the AMP CELL Driver having a CG optimized for low-mid handicap players, the AMP CELL Pro using a lower, more neutral CG position for better players and the AMP CELL Offset have a heel-biased CG for slice correction.

If any of you Rock Heads are looking to replace your old driver, give the Cobra AMP Cell Driver a look. You can find it at the Cave for a “rock bottom” price!

Check out this video from GolfWRX for more a hilarious look at Cobra Technology with Tom Preece, VP of Cobra-Puma R&D, and actor John O’Hurly.

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