Scratch's Favorite Golf Podcasts!

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If you’re stuck at the office with no golf in your life, don’t worry, there’s something you can do! Try listening to a golf podcast. A podcast is a audio or video program posted on the Internet most for free. You can download them to your iPhone or MP3 player and take them with you anywhere! Anyone, professional or amateur, can make one. All it really takes is a microphone and a computer. Have more questions about podcasts? Check out the video below!

While there are podcasts on everything from learning Spanish to Star Wars to the grandaddy of all podcasts This American Life, we’re really hear to talk, well listen, about golf. Here are some of Scratch’s favorite podcasts from all over the World Wide Web. Happy listening!

  • ESPN Radio Podcasts – Watch and listen to everything from ESPN radio!
  • Golf Gets Personal with Brent Morrison – This is an older podcast, but the interviews are still very good.
  • GolfingZen.Podcast – An interesting, older podcast with some helpful tips!
  • PGA Tour Podcasts – Every week, the Sunday Night Rap podcast recaps the week in golf with all the action from the PGA TOUR, Champions Tour, Tour, PGA TOUR Canada and NEC Series – PGA TOUR Latinoamerica.
  • Real Golf Radio – Real Golf Radio is hosted by Brian Taylor and Bob Casper, son of Hall of Fame golfer, Billy Casper. Real Golf Radio brings the national golf scene a little closer to home.  Tune in each week to hear the inside scoop on the latest equipment, The Golf Observer, Sal Johnson and their very own “Caddie.” Don’t miss Real Golf Radio as they broadcast live from every major championship and several other Tour events.
  • The Peter Kessler Show Podcast – Peter Kessler was the Voice of HBO Sports, the lead talent at Golf Channel, the lead talent on SIRIUSXM’s golf programming, and is a golf historian, journalist and voiceover artist. Over the past 17 years he’s interviewed every great player and teacher of the 20th century. He interviews great teachers and players, along with industry leaders and covers all things current in the game.
  • Golf Talk Radio with Mike & Billy – This great show airs every week out of California. Seriously check it out!

Want more podcasts or didn’t see any that quite met your fancy? Then take a look at this list of  ALL the golf podcasts on iTunes!

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