New Golf Course Comin’ To NYC Plus Trump Still Grumpy

Good news for my NYC Rock Heads: The Jack Nicklaus Signature golf course that’s been under construction since 1998 is on schedule to open in 2011 there in the Bronx. Sure, that’s more than a decade overdue but better late than never, right?

These days I’m happy to hear about anything positive, let alone a new championship caliber course opening up. This one promises to be an exciting layout and plans to host a PGA Tour event in the near future. I’m sure both the course and the costs are out of this Caveman’s league, but you never know…

In other new course news, Donald Trump has found one more reason to frown from his controversial Scottish resort. Looks like locals have found a loophole to avoid paying for Trump’s $150K wedding packages while still enjoying the same oceanside scenery. Turns out a small city park next door to The Donald’s facility charges a only a fraction for their service, with residential couples paying just $585 to get hitched.

So Rock Heads, any good news or new courses in your neck of the woods? Or would you care to celebrate a favorite local track that’s closed down during this economic trough? Good or bad, me and the rest of the Rock Heads are here & ready to listen… just leave a comment below!


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