Scratch Celebrates The 2013 Masters

Adam Scott Wins Masters
Photo by Scott Brown/Augusta National.


Come On Aussie! The 2013 Masters was a roller coaster from Day 1. But after four exciting days, Adam Scott beat Angel Cabrera in a shootout to win the green jacket. Not only is he the first Australian to win the Masters, but he is also the first to win with a long putter! Congrats to Mr. Scott and to Mr. Cabrera – two classy golfers and deserving champs. Of course, the winner wasn’t the only story to emerge from the azaleas. Going into Thursday, Tiger Woods was expected to win with 3-1 odds. However, following a  two-stroke penalty on No. 15, Woods just couldn’t get it together. After missed putts and one ball in the water, he ended tying for 4th. He wasn’t the only big name to disappoint. American and European stars all had trouble. Last year’s champion, Bubba Watson, even carded a 10 on No. 12. Said Watson: “If you’re not going to win you have to get in the record book somehow.” The internet has been working overtime detailing every aspect of the tournament; luckily, Scratch here has rounded up the best of the best! Here’s the 2013 Masters Blog Roundup!


Adam Scott Wins!

Come On Aussie!
Scott Reacts To Winning The Masters - "Come On Aussie!"

AP’s Golf Writer Doug Ferguson chronicles the shootout between Scott and Cabrera.

John Strege details how the media reacted to the win.

Australians rejoice following their countryman’s win!

E. Michael Johnson follows Scott’s history with the long putter.

SB Nation covers the green jacket ceremony.

ESPN has the Scott’s Masters highlights.


Tiger’s Miss Hits

Tiger Misses Putt
Tiger's Unlucky Putt on No. 8


Adam Fonseca detail what went wrong with Tiger’s game.

Check out the Master’s official statement on Woods’ penalty here on Deadspin.

Kyle Porter with CBS Sports investigates the exact rule which was broken.

After Tiger escaped a DQ, fierce debate on the decision erupted on the internet.

Nick Faldo couldn’t make up his mind about Tiger. First, he wanted Tiger to “do the manly thing” and withdraw. Then, he came onto CBS and said “never mind”.

However, Dan Wetzel says Tiger may not have deserved the penalty.


Tiger Shots Side By Side
Tiger's Shots Side By Side



Odds And Ends

Check out the final leaderboard here!

The New York Post has truly outdone themselves with this cover.

Deadspin’s Albert Burneko breaks down how to make a pimento cheese sandwich.

Learn about the greatest shots in history on the second nine.

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