Scratch's Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Start Swimming Now

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Think runnin’ is all this caveman does to stay healthy? Think again buckko. I will switch things up and swim at my local waterin’ hole for fun and fitness! Summer is comin’ soon and everyone will be headin’ to the pool and beach. Get a head start and hit the pool now. Swimming feels great and is a great workout. Why do you think swimmers eat so much? If you’re still not convinced, check out my top 5 reasons to start swimmin’ now!


1. A Total-Body Workout!
Swimming tackles everything from sculpting your back to toning your arms — all without having to pick up a weight. Rather than needing a plan to work specific muscles, all four basic strokes work to strengthen your entire body. Swimming develops core body strength because it utilizes all the body’s muscles simultaneously. Although 70 percent of a swimmer’s effort comes from the upper body, kickboard and fin workouts can provide an excellent leg workout.

2. Joint-Friendly!
Swimming is a great way to stay healthy if you’re recovering from an injury. If running is your passion, then swimming is a great way to work out on recovery days, allowing knees a rest from the pavement.

3. Build Lean Muscles!
Swimming builds longer, leaner muscles that complement the shorter denser muscles that develop from weight training. These “swimmer’s muscles” also help boost metabolism to keep calories burning longer.

4. Burn Lots Of Calories!
One hour of moderate swimming can burn around 500 calories. This revs up your metabolism, continuing the burn well after you’ve stepped off the deck.

5. No Expensive Equipment Needed!
Other than a swimsuit, all you really need is a pair of goggles. You can find really good goggles in the $30 price range. Sure, there is other equipment you can buy, but they are all relatively cheap.
Plus 1 More For Fun: It Just Feels Good!
Is there anything better than jumping in to the pool for a refreshing swim? Come August’s hot, muggy days, you’ll be grateful you’re a swimmer.

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