Use Social Media For Fitness Motivation!

Social Media

Think about how much time you spend on social media. A lot isn’t it? But how much time to you spend exercising? Probably a lot of difference between those numbers right? Social media can be huge time suck, skimming Facebook or going down the Pinterest wormhole. But you can use social media to motivate a workout instead of as a way to avoid it. So here’s the Caveman’s ways to use social media to motivate your workouts!

1. Find Your Community

No matter what type of exercise you like, there’s a group of like-minded people out there. For example, if you’re a runner, search Twitter with the tags #5k, #running, or #run. Find those people whose tweets you like and join in the conversation! If Facebook is more your style, friend people with similar interest or places like your yoga studio or gym. There are other great sites you can use to connect with people: Spark People, Fitocracy, Fitbottomedgirls, and r/Fitness on Reddit. Of course, my favorite is the RBF Facebook page!

2. Track Your Progress

Make sure to track your workouts and progress with websites and apps. The results will be extra motivation. or example, RunKeeper makes tracking workouts “fun, social, and easy to understand.”  You can post your routines on the website, Facebook and Twitter, and compete with friends and RunKeeper communities.  Some other cool apps to check out are miCoach by Adidas (iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Free), Nike BOOM (iOS or Android, Free), JEFIT (Android, $4.99) and CrossFit Travel (iOS or Android, $1.99).

3. Ask for help

If you don’t feel like getting up and working out, say it. You’ll hear back from your web friends with words of encouragement that’ll get you off the couch and on the treadmill. If you have questions, let them be heard. There’s someone else who has wondered the same thing. There’s nothing wrong with admitting you need a hand. There’s also nothing wrong with feeling uninspired once in a while, but don’t use other people to get you out the door for EVERY workout.  Ultimately this comes down to you.

4. Give back

You’re getting help for social media and so are others. Make sure you give encouragement to your online friends and congratulate them on their results. If someone has helped you, let them know your results and thank them for their help. Everyone loves to hear that they’ve helped!



Check out the infograph from Greatist below for more tips on using the web to help you achieve your fitness goals!

Greatist Infograph

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