Stop Summer Weight Gain

Summer Ice Cream Truck
Source: Dog Days of Summer Ice Cream Vending Trucks

We all love summer fun in the sun, but the pesky weight that sometimes comes with it is definitely not what this caveman looks forward to.  So what gives? You’d think that all that time outside and fresh produce would cause the opposite. Check out these pitfalls and how to avoid them!


  1. Hot and humid, ugh: Too hot to go run outside? Don’t right off your workou t completely! Workout at home, in the pool, or the nice air-conditioned gym.

    Corn Dog
    Source: Delta Dental of Arkansas Blog
  2. Popping open a cold one: There is very little that feels better after a hot day than a cold beer, frozen margarita, or even a cool, glass of lemonade. But all of those chilly drinks are full of calories. Drink those in moderation and turn to ice water or seltzer if you’re thirsty. If you must have flavor in your drink, add a slice or lemon or ginger or a sprig of fresh mint.
  3. Take me out to the ballgame: Who can go to a baseball game or the fair and not grab some grub from the concourse? But cotton candy, cracker jacks, funnel cake, corn dogs, hot dogs, giant turkey legs, sausage sandwiches, soft pretzels, or fries are not exactly healthy. Eat a healthy protein-full meal before you go so you won’t be hungry. If you do want a snack, stick to peanuts or plain popcorn.
  4. Flagging down the ice cream truck: There is very little more “summery” than a ice cream cone on a hot day, but this treat packs tons of calories in a tiny serving, hitting your local ice cream parlor too often can also pack on the pounds. If you can’t resist running after the ice cream truck or hitting the local ice cream parlor after dinner, choose lower-calorie treats like fruit bars or sorbet. And remember while frozen yogurt can be lower in calories and fat, it’s not calorie-free, especially if you load up on toppings.
  5. Hitting up the barbeque: Mmmm, grilling. It’s tough to go one summer weekend without going to a barbeque. To save calories, go easy on the beer, chips and dip, potato salad, and ribs. Instead, load up your plate with fresh or roasted veggies and a vegetarian or turkey burger without the cheese and bun.
  6. You’re on vacation: Calories don’t disappear just because you’re not at home, but that doesn’t mean you can’t live it up a bit. Just don’t go overboard on the cocktails and buffets. Try to balance out all that good food with healthy activities like snorkeling, biking, or hiking. Also check out if your hotel has a gym. You can easily grab a quick 30 minute cardio session in there.


How do you stay fit in the summer Rock Heads? Let me know in the comments below!



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