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Do you Rockheads know what time it is? It’s Giveaway Time! And you should pay attention cuz my the prize this month is valued at $250!


My April Golf Giveaway is for the awesome 3Bays GSA (Golf Swing Analyzer) for iOS or Android! This is the most lightweight swing analyzer on the market and will give you the edge you need!


Enter to win via the RBG Site or Facebook today! Don’t delay – the contest ends at 11:59 pm EST on April 30th!

  • The sweepstakes runs from April 1st to April 30th at 11:59pm, so you can’t procrastinate in entering to win these fabulous prizes.
  • You must be 18+ years old to enter and win. As much as we appreciate you young pups taking an interest in fitness, get your parents to enter if you’re not quite reaching that age requirement.
  • All entries will be used and drawing will be random.
  • All you have to do is enter your email address. No purchase necessary!! If you are chosen as a winner, the email address you submitted will be used to contact you to obtain an address to send the prize.
  • Only people residin’ in countries that we ship to can apply. International winners will get the value of the prize in caveman cash.

The sweepstakes lasts ’til 11:59pm April 30th, so enter quick for yer chance to win! Enter to win via the RBG site or Facebook today!


Now that that’s are out of the way, let’s take a look at our fabulous prize!


3Bays GSA (Golf Swing Analyzer) for iOS or Android!

3Bays GSA ProThe most lightweight swing analyzer on the market works with your phone, tablet or iPad…

At one third of an ounce, 3BaysGSA PRO is the world’s lightest and most advanced golf swing analyzer. The GSA uses advance motion sensors technology to capture over 10,000 data points on each of your swings and provides immediate feedback on your Apple iPhone and iPad. The GSA is plug and play technology, just 3 quick steps that take a couple of minutes: Easily apply the GSA to the butt end of any grip, download the free GSA pro app from the Apple App store, pair the GSA with your iPhone using standard available Bluetooth, it’s that simple.

The size, weight and location of 3BaysGSA PRO make it inconspicuous, free from obstruction to your set up or swing, and unlike other swing trainers it does not affect the weight distribution of your golf club.

You can instantly review the swing arc animation playback along with key swing parameters including Club Head Speed, Face Angle, Tempo, Swing Path, Impact Force, Consistency on the intuitive mobile app. You can also compare each swing with your best one or coaches’ to make adjustments and achieve higher swing consistency.

3BaysGSA PRO is a perfect training partner for all golfers of any skill level. You can use it on practice ranges, golf games, during lessons with coaches, or even at home.



  • 9g in weight
  • No need to re-adjust after every swing
  • Visual aid for correct club head position
  • Compatible with all golf clubs
  • Real time monitoring your swing arc motions
  • Compare your current swing with most consistent one
  • Share your swing information on Facebook
  • Review your complete swing history
  • Check it out here for more info!


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