PGA Merchandise Show Accessories Round-Up

The PGA Merchandise Show is over and we’ve had a look at all the newest and coolest gear! I’ll talk about all the new clubs later, but I’d like to take some time to show you Rockheads the gear that I thought deserved a little attention! I can’t say how these new products work, but they are interesting.

Insta Golf Shoes make any shoe into a golf shoe. These pull on spikes fit almost any shoe and provide an alternative to standard golf shoes. I can see using them while traveling to save on space or for people with specific orthopedic needs. They do leave something to be desired in the way of looks.

The Firecracker Tee, made by Kiwi Golf, are supposed to improve accuracy. The ball is supposed to “explode” off the tee because only the tips touch the ball. Kiwi Golf president Glen Bowen said the the Firecracker Tee gives a steadier balance than wooden tees and that his product improved accuracy by 20%. You’ll have to wait til spring to test these claims.

Tall Face Putters are designed to help golfers develop a consistent putting storke. The taller club face adds forgiveness that traditional putters lack. The company says that it produces “improved and consistent distance control over conventional putters. This consistency is achieved by ensuring that the putter face will contact the ball at it’s equator despite subtle variations in the individual’s putting technique.” I doubt, though, that some golfers would like to be seen using it.

FootJoy has signed onto the minimalist trend. The M:PROJECT shoe is touted as more comfortable and flexible and helps develop better balance. “We’ve been tracking the minimalist trend for the past couple of years, and we’ve been in development of this type of product for over 18 months now,” said Doug Robinson, FootJoy’s vice president for golf footwear worldwide. The minimalist movement revolves around decreasing excessive cushioning in shoes. Advocates says that this restrict the natural movement of the foot. The M:PROJECT shoe features a generous forefoot shape that allows the toes to spread and grip better; a Laser Thin Duramax outsole that is thinner to lower the golfer to the ground; P.I.N.S System cleats and receptacles that also are shallower and contribute to the shoe’s lower profile; and M:SPEC leather by Pittards that provides a supple and comfortable feel. The heel is also 40% lower that traditional golf shoes.

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