The Benefits of a Good Caddie

Caddy and Golfer
During the first round of the British Open on Thursday, reports Reuters, Adilson Da Silva – a little-known Brazilian player – got some tough love from his caddie. The 40-year old Da Silva wasn’t feelin’ too great about his play having just double-bogeyed six at the third hole over at Lytham links.

“I was like, ‘Oh no, it feels like the whole thing is just falling apart,'” said the 502nd ranked player to reporters. “I lost my confidence pretty hard there but my caddie said, ‘Come on, let’s hit another shot, come on, let’s start again,’ and that helped a lot.”

Da Silva managed to finish just one-under 69. His caddie’s helpful encouragement prompted Da Silva to recover in fine form out on the course, leadin’ him to notch up six straight pars before baggin’ a hat-trick of birdies from the 11th and another at the 17th.

This amazin’ caddie story got your favorite caveman here thinkin’ about what makes a good caddie and what are the benefits of havin’ one around out on the course. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages to be gained by keepin’ a caddie!

Caddies Know the Course

For amateur players especially, havin’ someone around who knows the course can be invaluable – particularly if yer playin’ the course for the first time. When a caddie knows the right line for our drives, the slopes of the greens, and the distance to the hazards, this helpful info can give you more confidence and save you some strokes.

Caddies Can Give You Advice on Shots

Sometimes we all need a second opinion. A good golf caddie gives ya great advice tailored ‘specially to your unique style of play. Once a caddie’s seen ya play a few holes, they’ll have a pretty good idea of what you should be going for on yer next hole. They can help with club selection and course management based on your specific game.

Caddies Understand the Green

If this is yer first time on a particular course, one of the hardest things to do is gonna be to read the greens. Fortunately, an experienced caddie will have already seen pretty much every possible putt on that particular green. They’ll be able to help advise you on line and speed. A good caddie is definitely gonna save you some shots when it comes to your short game.

Caddies Boost Morale

As seen with Adilson Da Silva at the British Open, sometimes a good caddie helps pick you up when you’re feelin’ down about your game. They can boost your morale and help you think positive. Considerin’ that golf is such a mental game, having a boost of optimism in your corner is sure to improve your game.

How ’bout it, Rockheads – gotta great caddie story of your very own or wanna share your experience with a caddie? Leave yer thoughts in the comment section!

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