Scratch’s Olympics Inspired Exercises

Olympic Weight Lifter
With the Olympics countdown officially underway, your favorite caveman is here to share some of my expert exercises that are sure to get you in the spirit of the games! Let’s take a look at these amazin’ Olympics inspired exercises:

1) Yoga

If you love gymnastics but can’t really see yourself flyin’ through the air with all those somersaults, then you should try yoga. With yoga, you get intense stretching, a great workout, and you’re completing movements similar to the amazin’ feats that you’ll see the Olympic gymnasts perform at the games. Best part: the only equipment you need is a mat!

2) Rowing

Those rowers on the Olympics are built like machines. From the bulgin’ back muscles to the super-cut arms, Olympic crew is a force to be reckoned with. If you wanna get the same cut physique, then you should look into a rowing machine. Just what you need to get into the Olympic spirit!

3) Kettle Bells

If you’re a sucker for the shot put, then you should check out kettle bells. Not only are they shaped much like the real Olympic equipment, but if ya keep workin’ with kettle bells, then pretty soon you’ll have the same super cut arms and incredible strength as your favorite shot putters.

4) Cycling

D’you go crazy for Olympic cycling? Then take the workout home with a stationary exercise bike. With one of these in your home, you can get the Olympic cycling inspired workout you want anytime – rain or shine.

5) Weightlifting

Isn’t it unbelievable how much these Olympians can lift? While you may be a long way from that level of weightliftin’ you can take yer first steps towards a strong you by settin’ yourself up with an at-home weight station and bulk up along with your favorite Olympic athletes!

Got yer own favorite Olympic inspired workout routine? Feel free to leave your stories in the comment section!

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