What are the benefits of Yoga?

So I know there is a lot you out there who look at yoga as something that only flexible women and hippie men do. But this caveman is here to tell you that the benefits of doing yoga are completely worth the potential for looking a bit awkward. And the best part is, if it makes you feel uncomfortable, you can do it in the privacy of your own home every morning when you wake up, or right before bed. Its entirely up to you!

So what are some of the benefits?

It makes you better at sports Yoga has a proven track record of preventing injuries by increasing flexibility and focus. The increased focus also helps reduce anxiety and bad moods, allowing you to think more clearly on your immediate objective, whether it be swinging the bat, catching the ball, or making the next goal! Many professional sports stars including Shaq and Amani Toomer add Yoga to their work out routine!

It helps you sleep better Yoga calms the mind, and boosts beta levels. A study at the University of Texas M.D. Cancer Center concluded that just 20 minutes of yoga a week helped cancer patients fall asleep faster and sleep longer. Better sleep means you recuperate better from illnesses, helps clear your skin, and helps your brain and entire body function more efficiently! It also helps aid in muscle recovery time and growth for the hardcore gym goers!

It helps you breathe Better And breathing better is key in relaxation, general health and brain function!

It can slow aging There has been a study that showed that people who exercise are biologically 9 years younger than those who do not. Yoga not only provides you with exercise, but also massages your internal organs, bringing more oxygen to your body, circulating blood to undernourished areas, and improving the lymphatic flow. Helping to balance hormones and detox the body through sweating. Making you not only biologically younger, but also aiding further with the physical appearance of looking younger!

And if none of those are quite convincing enough…

It helps your sex life The greater strength, flexibility and comfort with the body, will allow for longer stamina. There were also a been multiple studies done to prove these benefits

So what do you think Rock Heads? Want to give yoga a chance?


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