The Golf Comeback You Should Be Rooting For (but might not know)

What comes to your mind when you thing of the greatest comebacks in Golf?  Maybe Jack Burke in the 1956 Masters; trailing by nine strokes entering the final round, his combined score of 289 is tied for the highest winning total in Masters history; but all it took was ease and steady play.  Maybe the 2000 Pebble Beach Pro-Am; where Tiger Woods trailing by 7 strokes with 7 holes to play capped off a historic run to seal it.  Not at a Major, but still worth mentioning.

Maybe Gary Player in the ‘78 Masters? He birdied 6 holes off the back nine to overtake Hubert Green in the Final Round. Who can forget the 1986 Masters where the man himself, Jack Nicklaus, club in air watching the birdie roll in, over came Tom Kite and Greg Norman to win by one stroke.  Or the largest comeback in PGA tour history; Paul Laurie at the 1999 British Open; a 10 stroke deficit, that’s right 10 stroke deficit, erased on the final day!

Of course, it wouldn’t be a comeback story if we didn’t mention Arnold Palmer in 1960, trailing by seven strokes entering the final round; Palmer birdied 11 holes and hit par on the other 8 holes; to beat players like Jack Nicklaus and Ben Hogan.

More InGame Comebacks

But what about career comebacks Scratch?

We’re hopefully in the middle of one with Tiger Woods and his announcement to play the Bridgestone Invitational; Tiger is no stranger to the career comeback however, in 2008 he won the US Open, while playing with a DOUBLE STRESS FRACTURE in his left tibia.  That’s caveman strength for sure, and if there’s one thing Scratch knows its caveman strength. Love him or hate him, the debate can be on whether Tiger is good for golf or bad for golf, the fact remains that Tiger is in the midst of hopefully resurrecting a dormant career.  Something this caveman looks forward to seeing.  Tiger is no stranger to the comeback however, as evidenced by that miraculous 2008 US Open.
Tiger Woods Comeback

John Daly was a rookie when he won the 1991 PGA Championship, and with such a grand entrance and lofty goals; it was hard to meet let alone exceed the pressure that was placed on him by both the PGA and tour officials.  His troubles are well documented, from alcohol abuse, to gambling, to various health problems.  He was suspended in 2008, for 6months by the PGA Tour; for what Daly claimed was “unwelcome publicity”.  In 2009, after serving the suspension, Daly was poised for a comeback finishing 2cd at the Italian Open; however after “losing confidence in his game” by shooting a personal high 88 at the Buick Open, this comeback seems to have fallen just short.
John Daly Comeback

Perhaps the comeback, that might be slightly off the radar, but has Scratch excited and hopefully you too; is the inspirational tale of Ken Green, a golfer who flew somewhat under the radar until he shared a beer with Arnold Palmer, a stunt that had fans and critics alike praising his “everyman” attitude and persona.  However after a Champions Tour, Green got into a car accident that would change his life forever.  A blown tire sent his RV off the road, causing a horrific accident that left Ken Green with what people fear the most; he lost his girlfriend, his brother, his dog, and his right leg below the knee. However, he made a vow to return to the Champions Tour no matter what, to play the sport he loved, and in May 2010, he did just that in Birgmingham.
Ken Green Comeback

No matter how you define great golf comebacks, Ken Green has to stick in your mind as one of the most inspirational and truly amazing.

What comeback sticks in your mind as one of the greatest comebacks in golf?


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  • August 11, 2011 at 9:58 pm

    Yes, the Ken Green comeback was almost a fairy tale story. It gets my vote.


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