What Are Your Memorial Day Plans?

Memorial Day is this Monday. For many of us this means a 3-day weekend laden with Barbeques, beer, beach trips and of course – golf.

Before we get too caught up in the weekend’s festivities, however, I would like to take a moment to remember the symbolism behind the day. Memorial Day is a observed in honor and remembrance of American Service members. Formerly known as Decoration day, It was first put in place to remember soldiers that fell during the American Civil War and as a day of reconciliation from both the Union and Confederate states. So put aside your latitudinal differences and harmonize on the links! After WWI it was extended to honor all American soldiers who have fallen during military service.

This caveman wants to take a moment to thank all of our troops for everything that they do and to remember all of those who have served:

Thank You! & Happy Memorial DAY!

With all of the golf tournaments and outings scheduled for this week, there are bound to be stories, and this caveman wants to hear ‘em.

No matter what your festivities of choice may be, make sure you have a great time and be safe!


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