Are You Brave Enough To Post A Video Or Picture Of Your Swing?

I would love to see this blog, and my Facebook page become more than just a social media outlet. I don’t want it to just be about me! I want my Rock Heads to become a golf-centered family-like community. One where each of you is willing to come to each other for help and advice, whether that be on their swing, which clubs to buy, which courses to play. This Caveman wants to see YOU asking the questions and getting the feedback. Use and abuse this medium to its full potential and help each other out!

So Here it is! Scratch’s Call to Action! Post your videos and pictures of your swings to get feedback or just show off! Ask Fellow rock Heads For advice on clubs, balls, deals, everything golf!

As a warning: I will only allow constructive or complimentary comments. Anything disrespectful will be deleted immediately. Thank you for understanding.

If you are a bit nervous about posting your swing for everyone to see, take comfort it knowing that someone has already paved the way:

here is my swing (7 – iron) …tell me what you think. Ball flight with irons is pretty straight but i battle a slice with the driver at times. Any constructive criticism is appreciated…guess my handicap!

Can you give him feedback? What is he doing wrong? What is he doing right?


PS You can see some of the comments already made by other golfers on his post at

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