Should Tiger Have Been Fined For Spitting?

Yesterday in Dubai, Tiger Woods spit on the golf course. Yes, it was probably out of frustration and it was a bit gross. But was it malicious? Not really. And was it worthy of a fine? Eh, not really if you ask this caveman, but that is what he got.

Check out the video:

This made me think of other fines that have been ridiculous lately. And the one I see most frequently is the signing of an incorrect scorecard. This happens way more often than it should, especially with the steady monitoring by officials and camera’s. In fact, I am not entirely sure why we still have score cards on the Tour. Not to say that they do not have their place amongst other tournaments, but surely during PGA Tour events, where even spectators are tweeting about violations that get Camillo Villegas disqualified.

So what do you think Rock Heads? What is the most inane penalty you have seen? What do the signed score cards gain golfers? And should Tiger Woods have been fined?


Bonus: Some of the most bizarre non-golf related fines!

One thought on “Should Tiger Have Been Fined For Spitting?

  • February 15, 2011 at 2:49 pm

    No, I don’t think Tiger should’ve been fined. It’n not as if he hawked a lougie… granted I’m no pro, but have been to several pro events, even volunteered for a few. Seems lately that the public expects robots, not real people to be playing the game we all love so much. RELAX everyone, pretty sure you’re drinking a beer while watching on your TV, maybe even belching a little and surely uttering a few 4 letter words when your favorite player misses a putt – so let’s have a little latitude!


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