Will Louis Oosthuizen Break the 3-Par Contest Curse?

In the History of the 3-par contest, no golfer has won both the contest and the Masters Tournament in the same year. Curse or coincidence? Well, Tiger decided to opt out of the contest. He stated that;

“It’s a little bit distracting to [play the Par 3 and] try to get ready for the tournament.

Is he trying to avoid distraction? Or is he out for the title and doesn’t want to take any chances?

European tour’s Louis Oosthuizen didn’t opt out, and swam across the pond win the contest. There has to be a first time for everything. Does he have what it takes to break the curse?

If you don’t think he has what it takes, tell me who you think will come out victorious at the 2010 Masters!

Who Will Wear the Green Jacket?
Ernie Els
Phil Mickelson
Fred Couples
Steve Stricker
Rory McIlroy
Justin Leonard
Tiger Woods


Bonus: I know the Masters is more about prestige than cash, but do you know how much more the purse is in 2010, than it was in 1934 when the tournament began? $6,995,000! It jumped from $5,000 to $7,000,000!

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