Comeback: Tiger Talks & Furyk Wins First Tourney Since 2007

We’re T-minus 2 weeks to The Masters and the golfinÂ’ world is buzzing with activity.

Tiger’s back on the front page of the papers after annoucing he’ll tee it up at Augusta on April 5th. He also answered some questions in interviews with ESPN and The Golf Channel. Click here to see Tiger’s talk with Kelly Tilghman.

Over on my Facebook fan page, my Rock Heads have been debating just how much Tiger contributes (and takes away from) the game of golf. There certainly are many players worth watchin’ on tour, but Tiger draws in the crowds and increases the ratings in a way no one else can. History has shown that professional athletes can come back and continue to excel at their sport after allegations and indiscretions become public, but it will take a while before “Brand Tiger” becomes a bankable investment off the golf course. Right Kobe?

In any event, this Caveman was already gettin’ pumped to watch this year’s Masters and adding Tiger to the table only adds to it. Think Tiger can climb one closer to Jack’s majors record this year at Augusta?

Meanwhile, a different sort of comeback occurred this weekend at the Transitions Championship in Florida as Jim Furyk won his first tourney since 2007! Big-time congrats to Jim, and here’s hopin’ it is the start of a phenominal 2010 season for him. Transistions Championship Recap


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