NFL Playoffs: Conference Champions

So after a shaky start I’m sittin’ slightly less than pretty at 2-6 so far for the NFL Playoffs. But this weekend brings both the AFC and NFC Championship Games as well as a couple more chances at redemption for this Caveman! NFL Logo

In the AFC, the New York Jets and their shut-down defense lead by CB Darrelle Revis have their work cut out for them again, facing the high-octane Indianapolis Colts offense lead by QB Peyton Manning. Figure those two kind of factor each other out and this game becomes all about how many points the Colts D let Mark Sanchez and the Jets put on the board. New York’s got momentum, but I just can’t see them sealing the deal their first Super Bowl trip since 1969 in Indy’s new dome. Scratch’s pick: Indianapolis Colts

Meanwhile, the NFC title game promises to be a barn-burner. This will be the first time New Orleans and the Superdome have hosted a conference championship, and you can bet that the place is gonna be rockin’ when the Saints host the Minnesota Vikings. The smart money says this will be a shoot out between Brett Favre and Drew Brees. Both teams racked up more than 30 points per game this year, and if anyone can cut through the crowd noise it’s the veteran Favre. But Brees has been a man on a mission since the pre-season, too, plus with his defense and Reggie Bush on his side this Caveman can’t see a reason to vote against ’em. Scratch’s pick: New Orleans Saints

Alright Rock Heads, you have my picks. Now I want yours! Get your picks on the record in the comments down below, or just let me know where I went wrong this week. And what do you think about the Pro Bowl being held BEFORE the Super Bowl this year?


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