Talkin’ Pigskin On NFL Draft Weekend

Who doesn’t like the NFL Draft? Even casual fans can find all kinds of interesting things to watch for this weekend as the 32 teams pick their new players.

Let’s start up at the top. Can the Lions finally catch a break and avoid another draft day mistake? Sounds like Georgia QB Matt Stafford is going to be the pick. Only time will tell if he’s another Joey Harrington or helps Detroit like…well, let me think… have the Lions had a good draft pick since Barry Sanders?

Another quarterback to watch for is Pat White. He’s the QB coming out of West Virginia who set the NCAA’s all-time rushing record for his position with just under 4,500 yards. He’s also the only starting QB that’s won four bowl games in NCAA history. Problem is, he’s small by NFL standards: 200 pounds and just over six feet tall and he’s left-handed. Instead of switching to wideout and hoping for the best, he stuck to his guns and can only hope he hears his name called over the weekend.

Michael Crabtree, the standout WR from Texas Tech, missed the scouting combine to have surgery for a stress fracture in his pinkie toe. Most analysts seem to agree he’ll be an all-star, but he embodies the risky nature of the draft. Would you take the multi-million dollar chance on Crabtree, or pass him up for someone your scouts had seen?

Get on the record and tell your fellow Rock Heads now about that sure-thing future all-star or bound-to-be bust now by commenting! Who’s your team and what would YOU do as their GM? I’m also looking for predictions for the coming season: will the Lions win more than 3 games? Or go out on a limb and tell us if you think the Steelers have a chance to repeat!

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One thought on “Talkin’ Pigskin On NFL Draft Weekend

  • April 25, 2009 at 12:55 am

    All about Curry….the linebacker is a STUD and a sure bet….Quarterbacks are riskier than hell to take with 1st pick and the money which comes with taking one 1st overall.


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