Better Or Worse: Did You Improve In ’09?

Unless you’re lucky enough to live where you can play year-round, the halfway point of the season has come and gone. Hopefully you had a great golfin’ summer and even shaved a few strokes off your game!

How’s your game lookin’ today vs. the start of this season? Let me know how much your handicap’s dropped in the comments below!


PS: Sadly, my game stayed about the same, but I sure kicked things up a notch here at The Cave! Some were bigger improvements than others, but here’s a quick rundown of my new favorite features:

Social Networks – I expanded from just bloggin’ to being completely interactive with my Rock Heads on Twitter, Facebook and MySpace! From wishlists and questions about my items to video clips and all kinds of Tour talk, these are quickly becoming a new favorite way to hear from you.

Online Catalog – my newsletters never looked this good! This is an easy way to score detailed information and high-resolution views of my featured items.

Item Pictures – speakin’ of better views, my item pages now feature extra-close zoom views and more high-resolution images taken from more angles than ever before! I’m adding more pictures every day to help you see more while you save more!

Name Your Own Price – did you know you can ask to pay less on certain items here at The Rock? Swing by my Auction Cave for more details and to start bidding today!

Driving Range Video Game – just a fun way to kill some time when the boss isn’t looking over my shoulder!

I’ve still got some tricks up my sleeve, so keep your eyes open for new features that are just around the corner! Also, let me know what I’m missing or that you’d like to see!

2 thoughts on “Better Or Worse: Did You Improve In ’09?

  • September 18, 2009 at 12:51 pm

    I am so very happy to say, not only did I improve from my usual 100-105 score, I actually shot an 88 at Heron Ridge. My swing feels smoother, I am way more confident about my shots, and my slice seems to have been taken care of. Special thanks to Ed Collins, who gives lessons at Bow Creek, he has helped me the most!! Also, buying a net for the back yard and hitting on almost a daily basis has helped me practice what I have been taught! The wife isn’t happy about the back yard divots, but o well!

  • September 22, 2009 at 10:04 am

    i have recently taken some golf lessons (even though its a bit late now, seasons practically over) and have acheived my goal of breaking 100. With special thanks to rockbottom for the new burner driver, i was smashing them down the fairway everytime.
    to wind things up i do have a request… i was hoping that you might be able to get some of the Srixon Trispeed golf balls in stock. I have just ran out of my previous dozen which was from my local pro shop and i thought that it would be just GREAT id you could get one of those 3 dozen deals for them, im sick of paying retail price and it would really make my day.

    keep up the good work!

    best regards


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