What To Do When Buying Clubs

Golf SwingSo, you’re lookin’ for a new golf clubs, eh? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Not only do I have “rock bottom” prices on all my golf clubs, but Scratch is even here to tell you what to look for! Just follow these steps and soon you’ll be showin’ off your new sticks to all your buddies!

1. Know Your Ability: Your first step in purchasing a set of golf clubs is to recognize your skill level. Just because a set of golf clubs are the newest thing on the market does not mean that you will be able to hit them long and straight down the fairway. You should buy the club that best matches your swing style and playing level. There are as many different golf clubs as there are golf clubs. A beginner would be better off with an oversized set of irons while a veteran golfer may want a small set of blade irons.

2. Do Your Research: There are lots of sites on the interwebs dedicated to reviewing clubs. Often, the sites’ professional will test the clubs and golfers can submit their own reviews. Check out all the reviews on RBG! Not only is the web a good source of info, but so are your friends! Test out their clubs. See how they feel and note how the golf ball flies. Remember the technical specifications of the friends’ clubs you have tried.

3. Things To Know Before Trying Clubs: First, get an accurate measurement of how far you hit the ball with your current clubs. This is useful information for a golf shop’s salesperson to know to help you further. Second, if you don’t know your swing speed, find a local retailer that will let you be tested for swing speed on a launch monitor. This will help determine which club characteristics are best suited to your swing. Lastly, have your wrist-to-floor measurement taken. This, combined with your height, will determine if you can use a standard-length shaft or if you need to add or subtract a half inch or so.

4. Hit Your Local Golf Store Or Pro Shop: Many large golf stores and pro shops have an area you can test clubs by hitting them at a net or a screen. They also will have demo clubs you have test. Pro shops may even had demo clubs you can try during a game.

5. Each time you try a different club, write down it’s name, loft, length, and shaft weight and stiffness in a small notebook. Then write down how far you were able to hit with it and your overall impression of the club. This will help you compare clubs. Review your results by writing down the names of the clubs and the shortest and longest distance hit with each club. Look for the results that are closest together. Go back to the golf store and test the club with these results again. If you can duplicate it, this is the right club for you.

6. Once you’ve determined which club you like best, head over to Rock Bottom Golf for discounts you can’t find anywhere else.

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