On The Range-Winter Golf

Winter golf has arrived. We can’t all live in Florida, Southern California or other parts of the country. Here in Virginia mother nature has come on strong, snow flurries, cold weather, and wind. Some golfers will golf year-round no matter the conditions, some people though are not up for 3 layers of clothes, hand warmers, and golf swings. For those who love to play in the worst conditions, we have gathered some images for you!

Winter Golf
This golfer literally turned into Frosty the Snowman while playing…
Winter Golf
Don’t hit the ball thin with these irons, it will sting your hands.
Winter Golf
Watch out this putt could be a little tough to read
Winter Golf
Hopefully, this golfer is playing with some neon-colored golf balls.
Winter Golf
What’s the ruling here…
It’s a little hard to get solid rotation in 6 layers of clothes
Make sure to knit a beanie for your golf balls this winter!

Are you a fan of winter golf?? We want to hear from you!

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