Your Weekend Funny: Golf Stereotypes

Golf Stereotypes

While we all enjoy the Valspar Championship this weekend, here’s something funny for during the commercials! These golf stereotypes come courtesy of the guys at Dude Perfect and redditor u/IAmTheFatman666. Dude Perfect has even made these into a great funny video; check out the list and the video below! How many of these guys have you met on the course Rock Heads?

  1. The “Forgets to Strap in His Bag” Guy: There’s always that guy who forgets to strap his bag to the cart, and therefore, it falls. Time and time again, it falls. Which, of course, he blames his bad round on.
  2. The “Sand Trapped” Guy: He’s gonna need a blanket and suntan lotion, because he’s never getting off that beach.
  3. The “Borrower”: Hey, can I borrow a tee? Sure. How about a ball? Ugh…fine. Man, it’s bright out here, can I use your sunglasses? Dude, what the hell? Sweet driver, can I try it? THAT’S IT, I QUIT!
  4. The “Shadow” Guy: Somehow, someway, his shadow is ALWAYS on your ball, swing path, putt line, everything. He never notices either. It’s like he does it on purpose.
  5. “Mr. Excuses”: Ugh, this ground is way too soft. Man, this patch is too hard. You said the yardage was 125! I can’t play with these cheap balls, it’s ridiculous.
  6. The “Lie Improver”: Dude, did you just move your ball out of the rough? What, no. Why would I do that?
  7. The “Tee-Box Talker”: You’re set for your drive, start your backswing, and then, “Hey, how’s your fantasy team shaping up?”
  8. The “Overestimater”: He’s gonna wait. It he pokes it, the group in front is in danger. Oh wait, they’re on the green. Of a 550 yard par 5…and of course he shanks it.
  9. “Mr. Mood Swing”: Terrible drive = “I hate this stupid game!” Sinks a 40 ft. putt for birdie = “I love this game! Woo!!!” The entire match…
  10. The “Old Guy”: He’s 84, has a fake hip, bad knees, and can’t remember where he lives, but somehow is STILL better than you. He can’t hit them far, but he hits them straight.
  11. The “Ball Hunter”: Stops everything for that free Nike. God forbid it’s a Titleist…
  12. “Mr. Big Foot”: Steps on your putt line. Every. Single. Time.
  13. The “That’s Playable” Guy: It’s in the water? Hittable. It’s in a tree? Hittable. It’s on the moon? He’ll give it a go.
  14. The “Insists on Trying a Happy Gilmore” Guy: He does it every round. Oh, and every time he’s at the range.
  15. The “Magically Finds His Ball Every Time” Guy: Well, he “finds” it every time. That’s true. It’s just that he “finds” it in his pocket every time. Yet somehow, it’s magically playable (refer to #13) from where ever he finds it at.
  16. The “Too Many Practice Swings” Guy: Takes 2-3 swings. Fine. Except he take 2-3 15 times. Yet no matter how many swings he takes, shank…
  17. The “Tailgater”: (Only applies to carts) He’s on your ass like white on rice, and usually runs into you.
  18. The “PGA Rule Enforcer”: While there’s nothing wrong with following the rules, he’s a little overboard. Accidentally tap your ball a quarter millimeter on a putt? That’s a stroke…
  19. The “Rage Monster”: Long story short, this guy is the reason they find full bags at the bottom of ponds.
  20. The “Untrustworthy Score Keeper”: Always gets a par, even after putting 2 into the water.
  21. The “Forgot His Wedge” Guy: Always forgets a club at the last green. Even though you remind him, he forgets. It’s like he does it on purpose.

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