How Does Rory’s 2012 Compare To Tiger’s 1999?

Golf Digest’s Sam Weinman gives his view on what everyone is talking about: Is Rory the new Tiger?

“There’s always some idiot claiming that Rory McIlroy is poised to dominate golf the way Tiger Woods did a dozen years ago.

Allow me to be that idiot.

OK, to be fair, no one can reasonably expect any golfer to rattle off four-straight majors as Woods did between the 2000 U.S. Open and the 2001 Masters. But with McIlroy’s third win in four starts on Sunday, it’s worth noting the remarkable similarities between the run the Northern Irishman is currently on, and the one Woods began in late summer 1999.”

While he concludes that Rory still has a lot to prove to live up to Tiger’s legacy, Weinman makes some great points. Give it a read here.

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