Scratch's Favorite 2013 PGA Championship Moments

Congrats to Jason Dufner for wining the PGA Championship! Here’s hoping he doesn’t use the Wanamaker Trophy as a spittoon! 🙂

This weekend provided some great performances and an unexpected showdown between the two least showy guys on the tour. Relive the excitement with Scratch’s Five Favorite Moments then go Dufnering!

1. After winning his first major, what does Jason Dufner do? Squeeze his wife’s butt. Don’t say you wouldn’t do the same.

2. The Mrs. Dufner butt pat wasn’t the only PDA this weekend. Keep your eyes on the guy on the right.3. Jason Dufner’s eagle on the 2nd hole during round 2

4. Tim Clark’s Ace at the 11th during round 4

5. This gif of Jim Furyk showing why fans who yell should be immediately kicked out.

6. Not a moment per se, but for a laugh check out this Deadspin article on who had the worse week, Tiger or Phil?

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