Scratch's Tips For A Healthier 4th Of July!

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Who doesn’t love the Fourth of July? No work, good food, fireworks. But if you’re not careful, you can hurt your progress with too much food and booze. So, here’s Scratch’s tips for a healthier 4th!


  • If you’re headed out to the fair or the beach, you should keep in mind which foods are diet-killers and which are ok to splurge on. Check out this list from FitSugar!

Highest-Calorie Fair Foods

Nachos with cheese (nine-inch plate): 860 calories
Chili fries (10 ounces): 700 calories
Funnel cake: 760 calories
Cheese steak sandwich: 690 calories
Personal cheese pizza (seven-inch): 670 calories
Cheese fries (10 ounces): 645 calories
Onion rings (six): 620 calories
Seasoned curly fries (seven ounces): 620 calories
Footlong hot dog with bun and ketchup: 470 calories
Deep-fried Snickers: 445 calories
Deep-fried Twinkie: 420 calories

Lowest-Calorie Fair Foods

Soft pretzel: 340 calories
One cup of vanilla soft serve (200) in a cone (30) with rainbow sprinkles (20): 250 calories
Cotton candy: 220 calories
Churro: 210 calories
Candy apple with nuts: 190 calories
Snow cone (made with two ounces of syrup): 170 calories
Small kettle corn: 120 calories

  • Ease back on the boozing. It’s ok to knock one back every now and again, but check this out – an average margarita has between 600-800 calories. So 3 of them are more calories than you should have ALL day. Stick to one liquor drink or a few light beers. Besides, you have to work Friday anyway!
  • Eat the healthiest food first. If you start with the healthiest food first, like a salad, the vegetables will help you feel fuller sooner so you won’t overindulge on hotdogs and pasta salad.
  • Skip the chips. It’s easy to eat the whole plate of chips and salsa before you realize it. They can pack a caloric wallop too. One 8-ounce bag of salted chips often contains upwards of 1,000 calories and 80 grams of fat. And dips aren’t much better. If you have to have them, get baked chips instead of fried ones. Or make your own baked whole wheat pita chips at home. Substitute Greek yogurt for sour cream or mayo in dips.
  • Rethink dessert. Instead of a large cake, try a dessert with fresh fruit. Berries are in season right now and are so colorful and eye-catching, everyone will want some! Check out some of these healthy ideas on Pinterest.
  • Get moving! Spend some time with the family outdoors! Check out if there are any 5k or 10k races going on in your area. Even kids can walk 3.2 miles and feel accomplished! If there aren’t any races, pack a picnic lunch and hit up a local park or beach!

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