Scratch's Favorite Movie Training Scenes

We all know that it takes time to see results from exercise and a good diet. Except in movies. In movies, it just takes a good rock song and about three minutes to go from flab to fab. Let’s face it, watching people train hard for thing is just plain entertaing. So, here’s Scratch’s top training montages.




The original inspiration for all training scenes that followed it. That final shot of Rocky running up the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art became so significant that it’s now a tourist destination with a bronze statue of Stallone.


Rocky IV

Rocky may have given us the movie montage as we know it, but Rocky IV‘s absolutely ridiculous four minute long sequence is just fun. Watch Rocky crumple pictures of Drago, do sit ups at an impossible angle, adn substitute for a dog sled team.


Karate Kid

Mr. Miyagi trains Daniel-san in martial arts in his unorthodox way. Who didn’t think that the crane kick was ultimate in fighting technique after watching this?


The Incredibles

After 15 years of retirement, Mr. Incredible finds out that even superheros hit middle age. Since his super suit isn’t getting any bigger, Mr. Incredible decides to battle his weight gain in a series of workout fit only for someone with super strength. This may not be a sports movie, but that final shot of him lifting the train carriage is just awesome.



If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball. Wise words to live by.


Team America World Police

Let’s be honest, the training montage is a bit cliche even though we still love it. So Trey Parker and Matt Stone parodied it with this training sequence and accompanying song imaginatively titled “Montage”. Back by this ’80s-style power ballad, our hero Gary prepares for battle against Kim Jong-il while mocking countless classic training scenes.

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