Clean And Burn Calories!

It may not feel like it, but spring is here. While we all wait for warmer weather, it’s time to celebrate with that annual tradition: spring cleaning. It might not be the most fun way to celebrate, put you’ll be keeping away allergens and germs. AND you’ll burn a few calories while you’re at it. Did you know that on average you burn 200 calories per hour doing household cleaning. This doesn’t mean you can forget about the gym, but each little bit counts right?

Here’s a breakdown of approximately how many calories you’ll  burn per cleaning activity per hour:

Sweeping: 240
Packing/Unpacking: 220
Scrubbing floors on hands and knees: 325
Mopping: 150
Cleaning, light (dusting, wiping down counters, picking up clothes): 100
Cleaning, general (washing dishes, doing laundry): 200
Cleaning house, heavy effort (vacuuming, hanging laundry, repetitive bending over): 260
Child care: 205
Shoveling snow: 415
Raking lawn: 235
Mowing lawn: 325
Moving large household item: 400
Cooking: 150
Grocery shopping: 90
Washing the car: 306
Painting: 288
Cleaning Gutters: 320
Gardening: 256

So get out there Rockheads and clean!

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